72 Stunning Wedding Updo Hairstyles

Wedding seasons are always exciting. Whether you have been planning this day for ages or it just happened out of nowhere, you still want to walk down the aisle looking your absolute best. 

In the hectic 8 to 9 hours of the wedding rituals, one has to undergo conditions like humidity, the sunlight, hear, breeze and lot more. 
Managing the hair becomes a little difficult for most of the brides and updo hairstyles are a great saviour in such cases.

Wondering what updo styles can you do with your hair on the special day? Let’s dig a little deeper and find out which hair styles are the best for such occasion.

Try the elegant and simple twisted hair bun. This simple hairdo requires nothing but only bobby pins to keep it like that for a long time. This is a great wedding updo for long hair as well as short hair

Gather your hair in a graceful low chignon and secure it with some dazzling hair accessories. This hair style shows off the entire face and looks quite romantic.

Top knot needs no special mention. It will always remain the favorite of all the women around the world. Top knot buns will simply compliment any dress. It is very simple yet stunning.

Want to be a little more innovative? Gather your long tresses into a sophisticated updo and leave some strands of hair loose. 

Let the soft long strands fall on the nape of your neck and create a captivating effect on the on-lookers.

 Let your imagination loose while trying this hair style. Twisting braid hairstyle is a little difficult but not impossible. 

This hair updo will neatly secure the hair in one place. Leave some loose stands in the front to acquire the desired stunning look.

If you have no time for the adventurous hairdos, try the sleek rolled and tuck hairstyle. You will be amazed to know this hairdo requires nothing but bobby pins. Let your expert hand create the magical effect.

 If you have bangs or fringes, don’t worry at all, try this super cute hair style to look absolutely splendid. This style is called braid bun bang. 

Sound interesting right? It takes hardly 7 to 10 minutes to complete this hairstyle. This hair style is a combination of a bun and a braid together.

 It can’t get any adorable than the hair bow style. The style is super cute and gets makes you look great. 

The craze for low knotted buns will never die. You can use some dazzling accessories to decorate your bun. This hairdo promises to make everyone admire your fashion style.

Go for the most beautiful look of all time. Tie up a low bun and tuck some fresh roses in the messy bun.
Seek the help of an expert or try the simple hair styles yourself, on the wedding day the glow and excitement on your face will make everything look beautiful on you.

Here are some more bonus wedding updo styles containing everything from wedding updos for short hair, long hair, vintage wedding updos, braided wedding updos, veils and much much more. Enjoy!

We hope you look stunning on your wedding day and have an awesome wedding overall. Good luck.

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