50 Pretty Short Wavy Hairstyles For Women

Waves are very popular these days and in reality, wavy hairstyles are undoubtedly among one of the most popular hairstyle trends in women whether it be your girl next door or a a famous Hollywood celeb.

Wearing short wavy hair is easy as it requires minimum care. Women are not required to spend hours in front of the mirror. It gives a classy look, where every tousle becomes a style and is not boring like the pointed straight hair.

Short wavy hairstyles only requires simple products and are not difficult to make and then maintain. A curling iron will certainly help and if you have curly hair, you can first straighten it and then curl it up to give a wavy look.

At times, it can involve a lot of work, but it depends on your requirements and occasion. If you want something extraordinary for a special occasion and want to be a possible head-turner, then all the hassle is worth it.

Short wavy hairstyles are recommended for any formal occasion as well, you just need to accessorize it and create a style that fits well with your features and it will make you dazzle and is sure to attract eyeballs.

According to a recent poll, men are a big admirer and find wavy hairstyle very appealing and attractive in women. Wavy hairstyles help women in transforming their looks as they go well with various face shapes.

Women have been found to be opting for wavy bob hairstyles more frequently than others as it suits well for every day life as well as special occasion. Short wavy hairstyles have an everlasting appeal as they give a perfect blend of softness and style.

Apart from a medium length and wavy texture, there are several other short hair styles that are creating waves in the world of fashion and style. Other examples of in-fashion short hair include spiked and the pixie haircuts.

The pixie cut is equally popular in the leading ladies of past and present such as Twiggy, Audrey Hepburn and Anne Hathaway.

It can be concluded that the type of haircut depends on women’s unique sense of style. Women can also add a personal touch to their popular haircuts with color streaks.

There is a misconception that women with short hair can only have limited styles and can not keep modern hairstyles, but in reality, several pleasing styles can be created with wavy chin-length or shoulder-length hair.

Below are few more wavy short hairstyles for you











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