36 Beautiful Prom Hairstyles for Short Hair Girls

Even though wearing a short hairstyle can be wonderfully practical, it can also give you a headache when you should plan how to wear it on such a formal occasion as is the prom. 

But do not despair, it can look as luxurious and elegant as long hair with the right cut. Plus, you will be definitely unique and noticeable!
 Of course, first thing you have to do is chose what you will wear to the big event and then think of the appropriate hairstyle. 
After that is done, you should decide whether you are going to make it yourself of leave it at the hands of a professional. 
Note that even if you plan on making it yourself, you should visit a hairstylist to refresh your cut and maybe add something new, whether it is highlights, hair color or just a type of bangs. 
The only important thing is that it still reflects your character as only then you will feel comfortable and confident in wearing it. And you will look astonishing beyond any doubt!

When it comes to styling your short hair braids and twists can always do the job. For this event you can also think of adding some glamorous hair accessories. 

Elegant bob is a good choice, whether you keep the hair straight or curl it for extra volume. 
You can also add a loose sided braid to make it distinctive. Also, if your hair is bob length, you can curl it and pin it up so it creates a charming and luxurious up do which will even put up an effect of longer hair. 
One of the advantages of short hair is that you can always make a personal statement with it. For example, you can try out four-strand braid that hides in loosed curls at the back of your head. 
If your hair is wavy and you don’t want to make a half up hairdo but something more complex and special, you can section your hair at the center and then twist it on both sides while at the back you pin it up in a mass of rolls and twists.
 Or, you can braid it down the both sides meeting at the back so it looks like one braid. When it comes to braids, what it is wonderful about them is that they come in all sizes and shapes. 
You can also recreate famous Valentino’s bubble ponytail, only starting on top of your head and probably in a few sections. 
Another idea for curly hair is the simplest yet- just leave it be. Allow it to show itself in its full glory. And don’t let it fool you, the charm lies precisely within its simplicity. 

And our last advice for you, dear graduate: Experiment! Have fun! Enjoy! Below are few more interesting styles for you.


We hope you short haired ladies got plenty of new ideas to style you hair for prom.

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