Elegant Prom Hairstyles for Curly Hair Women

Having curly hair can be a curse as well as a blessing, given that they never go out of style and the simplest of ponies and/or braids look like the most intricate hairstyles ever created.

And while you don’t need any YouTube tutorials for a perfect beach look, perfecting any style that isn’t just a pony or a simple braid becomes a pretty big deal for almost all curly haired ladies.

While celebrities like Taylor Swift, Zoe Saldana have unabashedly flaunted their curls in all their twirled glory and inspired a generation of teens to accept their natural curls and embrace their beauty without having to tame them into dull, straight hair, many fail to notice, how curly haired people are usually presented with limited options on how to style the hair, especially for an event as important as the prom night.

So, we took it upon myself to find out simple yet mesmerizing ways to style curly hair, that will leave everyone shook from your jaw dropping beauty this prom season.

Here are few gorgeous hairstyles we came across. Go ahead and learn how to rock those curls, queens!

1. The double bow bun is a simple yet elegant up do that will look classy with your evening gown. It does not reduce the volume of your hair and goes well with a small curly fringe at the back of your ear. Pin both the buns really low near the nape of your neck to achieve a sophisticated look.

2. Twirl your hair from the parting and go on twisting it on both the sides taking large chunks once you reach the behind of your ears. Pin the ends of your hair in the middle at the top of the bun. If you have longer curly hair, pin the bun and leave the other hair dangling to create a messy yet intriguing look.

3. Part your hair and take two chunks of hair. Bring them to the back of your head and twist them about a couple of times. Pin the twisted end with the help of bobby pins. Grab two other chunks from the hair that is left and pull them over the twisted part that you had previously pinned. A simple hairdo in case you don’t have much time left because of the winged eyeliner that took more than half of your time.

4.  Make a half ponytail by taking some sections. Then braid it so from the end of the hair tie. Keep adding sections to it in order to create the ‘Elsa’ from ‘Frozen’ look which is magnificent as well as elegant in all its glory. Carefully tug sideways at the loops of the braid to fatten it up.This is the most versatile of them all, because it works for all hair lengths. Also, since it is prom, I’m assuming you would want a look that adds to the charm of your face by highlighting your cheek bone and jawline, so make sure to braid a tight braid, not a loose one.

Here are few more beautiful hairstyles for you curly haired girls. We hope you enjoyed the list and have a great prom this year.

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