46 Long Hairstyles For Curly Hair Women

Having a curly hair can be quite a challenge especially if it is long. It is often dry and dull and requires special care. Because of its structure it requires a lot of moisture since your natural hair oils can’t reach the ends. 

First thing you have to know about your hair is what kind of curly it is, in order to give it a proper care. 

When it comes to hair structure there are 3 types of curls: 1. wavy, 2.curly and 3.kinky/coily. 

It is possible that you are in between types as well. Wavy hair follows a loose S pattern, curly a tight one and kinky a Z pattern. 

Since curls structure varies so much you will probably realize that finding the right product is difficult and friend’s suggestions rarely work.

If your hair tends to lose the shape of the curls you can try to maintain it with plopping. 

It is a process in which you apply the products you use for your hair type after the wash, and while it is still wet flipping your head over make your hair fall into the towel and then wrap it up into a turban. Where it as long as you can, preferably overnight. You will be amazed with the results.
If you blow dry your hair make sure to always use a diffuser as it is less damaging for your curls and helps them reshape. 
We all have experienced the truth of good and bad hair days. In regard to curly hair, it is fairly connected with hair weight. As it gets longer, it gets weighted down. That is why cutting the curly hair includes thinning so it takes away some of that weight.

Beside all these difficulties, believe it or not, your hair can be your best asset. All you need is the right haircut! You can choose a stylish haircut or a stunning hair color to make it pop. 

As we already mentioned, the most important thing about getting a fabulous hairstyle with curly hair is the proper length so it is not too weighted down and adding layers to reduce the thickness.

If you want to reduce the bulk in your thick hair then a chick bob is your go-to. Most popular up dos usually include half up hairstyles, twists, braids or ponytails. 
Or you can try out stylish balayage, dark roots or some magnetizing color. Also, you can experiment with bangs. Short straight bangs would contrast the curls and make them even more impressive. 

It is highly important to use the right hair products for your hair type, limit the usage of blow-dryer and brush your locks with specially designed brushes for thick and curly hair.

Let’s look at some more long hairstyles for curly hair

We hope you curly haired ladies picked out some new styles and inspiration from this post.

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