39 Stylish Mid-Length Hairstyles For Women

Mid length hairstyles are probably the most popular hairstyles today. It can be worn in any way and any occasion. 

Whether it is put in an up do or falls freely, it can look elegant, sassy, gentle, sophisticated, fashionable, luxurious, chic, trendy – you name it! 
Curly or straight you can make the most of it in this length. Cut it in layers, add texture and volume, play with color and curling, make stunning hair ‘dos- you can do everything with hair of this length.
It is extremely practical as you can change your appearance to suit the occasion. Some of the best and most popular up dos are certainly buns, knots and braids.

For a formal event and elegant up do is practically a must so if you are planning on wearing it, you will probably need to add some texture by teasing your hair. Also, if your hair is this you will need this for adding volume as well.

Here are some of our recommendations on how to wear this length:

Sophisticated lob- great for every woman regardless the age.

Chic bouffant – parted in the center and slightly curled at the ends.

Beach waves for fine hair – it is all about the place of layers. Start at the cheekbones for more volume. And and just above the shoulder for a beautiful medium length hairstyle.

Add highlights – for making illusion of layers if you don’t really feel like cutting them.

One side back – this hairstyle is perfect whether for casual going out or a more formal event. Just pin up one section of hair behind your ear, you can curl the hair, straight it or curl only the ends. 

It always looks gorgeous. To draw more attention add some decoration.

Half up-half down waves – for any, just any occasion.

One side – for extra elegant look put all hair on one side and curl the ends.

Brushed-out curls – a quick and easy one. Curl your hair, then simply brush it out and you are ready to go, as charming as it gets.

Voluminous blowout- use a round brush and go through the each section.

French roll – simple as a twist! You get elegant in a minute.

Side up do – casual or classy, depends only on where you are.

Low bun – perfect for workplace or more formal occasion if you add some jewelry hairpieces.

Voluminous up do – finger comb through tight curls. That will add volume without flattening the hair.

Asymmetric Bob – great for all ages and hair types.

Add a headband – make your hairstyle stylish and trendy with headband of your choice.

Play with color – golden copper, warm chocolate or silver blonde? Be noticed!

Balayage – try out some new trends!

Remember to keep your hair healthy and protected as much as you can and have fun with it!   

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