Man bun hairstyle has been one of the most trendiest hairstyles for men in the past decade. It came up as an alternative wear for the fashion-cautious men with long natural hair but quickly gained mainstream acknowledgement and usage very fast.

Also dubbed ‘the samurai hairstyle’, man bun is made by clutching all the hair to the crown of the head then fashioning the hair band to bun. It is called the Samurai style because traditionally the Samurai warriors in Japan used to wear a similar bun style haircut where the top was tied into a knot.

Generally, a good man bun should be adequate in length to create a big and round bun on the top. However, ‘top knot’ which is comparable to man bun hairstyle features shorter hair, smaller ponytail or bun and faded sides.

The physical look of these two style clearly shows a difference and shouldn’t be confused. Although every man bun is a top knot, not every top knot is a man bun.

Man bun popped up in 2014 and gained popularity and till today many guys believe the style does magic to their look. While women have always called the same style as a ‘bun’, long haired men have styled and blended their hair into a similar style but fashion experts nicknamed the trend as the ‘Man Bun’.

However, ‘man bun’ also refers to placing of bun on the head of a man in a special way so that it looks stylish. Just tying a knot or a low hanging  bun does not qualify as a man bun.

Although many hairstyles have come to fashion over the past years, such as side part, comb over and undercut, all are inspired by the elegant, antiquated look of men from the olden days.

Nevertheless, man bun is the only one that insolently breaks that rule to stand on its own. Although there are people that hate the style, it has been trending and has stood the test of time nonetheless.
With all the rumor and glamor about it, the hairstyle has always stayed around and it’s like there is no sign it will fade away any time soon. So let us look at the different styles and sub-categories of the man bun style in more detail below.

Hipster man bun is a form of man bun hairdo combining the long hair and a hipster beard – the unkempt, shaggy beards. Back in 2011, men wearing the hipster beard and man bun would be confused with a homeless person, but later on it begun trending as an style embodying manliness and ruggedness.

In fact, no fashionista initially predicted the hipster man bun ever becoming such a trendy male style, neither could the barbers predict that the simple man bun hairstyle would be so popular in this century.

If you are so much interested in this look, you only need two things, patience and some hair ties. This means, you have to wait for your hair to grow at least 6 inches long. That’s the least requirement for man bun style for men since it allows you to tie up all the hair. However, a medium to long sized man bun style will need about 10 to 16 inches long for a prettier look.

This length is your decision, but remember, the longer the hair you keep for man bun, the more difficult it will be to manage and organise.
 We hope you long haired men picked up some new styles from this post and took some interesting styles up as an inspiration on your man bun journey. We’ve added some bonus styles below too.

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