30 Interesting light blonde hair color shades & styles

What makes you worry at the thought of going blonde? Is it the indecisive process of picking from the array of blonde hair highlights or is it the anxiety of total transformation after the completion of the bleaching process?

Whatever it is, you should be rest assured that there is no better hair decision that will make you happy like going blonde.

To do’s When Going BlondeThere are written and unwritten rules that one should follow to ensure a perfect blonde look. There are probably more rules than the ones I’ll mention here because let’s face it, hair coloring is more of a girls thing, and girls are full of rules.

The most important rule is that the blonde color you settle on should be within two shades of your natural color. Whether you are after a sun-kissed look or a natural one, this rule will keep you looking ‘normal’ when you go blonde.

Another consideration is for the skin tone and eye color. Your complexion will affect how your blonde will look, and your color of eyes will either sparkle or dull depending on your blonde. For instance if you have hazel or blue eyes there are some specific blonde shades that will give your eyes and face the oomph.

While there are over 50 shades of blonde that are trending this year, these are classified as either light blonde or dark blonde. Dark blonde is attractive, but let’s put some shade (all pun intended) on the light blondes.

Natural Blonde hair colorOnly a small percentage of women are natural blondes. Also known as a baby blonde, as reference to the hair color that looks like that on a baby, this is a group of different light shades that look perfect on the right skin tone.
Light ash (white) Blonde Hair colorSee the blond on Lady Gaga or on Rita Ora? The gray or ashy tint that resembles a cool platinum? Yes, this whitish blonde shade is perfect on people with a light complexion and a light eye color. You can put this as a complete color if you have dark natural hair color, or through a balayage if your hair is naturally lighter in color.
Platinum Blonde Hair ColorNot only is this the lightest blonde color shade, it’s also the perfect choice for medium and fair skin tones. The range of platinum hair color goes from golden platinum like on Gwen Stefani, to yellowish platinum on Carey Mulligan to a few others just as fancy.

Let’s look at few more light blonde hair color shades & styles

We hope you ladies picked out some new shades for you next hair coloring trip to the salon.

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