31 Latest Honey Blonde Hair Color Shades & Styles

Hair dying is one the prime ways girls resort to for a neoteric look. And honey blonde is a pet hair color of many. 

Do you, too, long for Jennifer Aniston’s or Nicole Kidman’s beautiful champagne hair? Then, go get your phone book and call your stylist for an appointmentright now, because these honey blonde hair colors are going to make you go from a vanilla cupcake to a sizzling chocolate brownie instantly!!

It maintains the lightness of the hair color, while the reddish tinge still dominates. Have a nice rosy complexion, light eyebrows and dark eyes and you’ll be under the spotlight everywhere you go.

This color is tailored for almost any type of clothing- from a bright red dress to denims,and makeup- from plain nudes to bright hues.

Word of caution: if your hair is naturally dark, this color will be hard to maintain and will require regular touch-ups.

It is apt for redheads, brunettes and blondes alike. Plus, it no too high-maintenance. If you are someone with a darker complexion and are wondering if blonde is your color, then stop second-guessing and go for this shade.

Pair this color with bold metallic outfits or nude pinks, and it will certainly go a long way into making you prettier.

Word of caution: use a good color-protecting shampoo and conditioner to keep your look fabulous.

Caramel is a hair trend that just won’t suffer with time passage.Although, it’s easier to achieve if younaturally have dark blonde hair, it looks better on those with dark brown or black tresses.

In daytime, opt for whites, creams, peaches, pinks or brighter shades of blue. In the evening, black is your best mate. Pair it with neutral and bright shades with satin finish.

Tip: extra platinum highlights will add an extra oomph to your bombshell appeal.

This low-maintenance, yet fully satisfying dye is perfect for those who don’t exactly have a “fair” complexion. The upper dark shade will pop your eyes, while the lighter hues of the tips will nicely contrast your complexion.

Black or off-white shades are, undoubtedly, the best color to complete the “ombre”. Wear nude make-up, to cherish the hair trend as much as possible.

Word of caution: this style can be done in umpteen ways. So, discuss with your stylist what will suit you the best.

Hair color has become a very celebrated fashion these days. It has the potential to make or break your look, which makes it important to get it right. But these four trends are very hard to get wrong and therefore, your best chances!!

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