53 Chic Hairstyles For Women Over 40

Women in their 40’s, self-assured and at the top of their lives and life choices, age with grace and beauty.

This makes it the best time to really explore who you are.
Getting a bit older doesn’t mean you have to play down your hair and makeup, instead pass the new milestone in life with an amazing boost in self-confidence which already glows within you.

Radiate the maturity and elegance as well as give yourself the sexy beautiful look you desire! Here are the best hairstyles for all lengths of hair



Short shaggy bob

This hairstyle is simple yet both fun and refreshing. It provides great texture to the hair and accentuates the cheekbones and long neck. It doesn’t require many hair products to look fabulously good.



Chin length bob
Any hair texture or face shape can carry this look efficiently. This is a classic style that is perfect for women to look chick and edgy without much maintenance.



Bouncy bob
The trendy hairstyle with long or short bangs shouts “modern”. It’s a perfect example of hair that is equally professional and fashionable. A soft look is achieved by keeping the hair dry, smooth and bouncy.



All over layers
This shoulder length hairstyles ideal for wavy hair. The layers give a fuller look and enhance the facial features making you seemingly younger.



Long loose layer
This sexy dishevelled hair is perfect for curly hair types it frames the face nicely as the hair is below chin and makes it look thinner. It’s mostly a single layer providing the classy look that stands out.



Sleek bangs
The few delicate layers just below the collar bones and bangs on the forehead give women with straight hair a sophisticated and classy look. The lines the clean cut makes are flattering with a round face.



Tapered ends
The long layered cut removes the bulk and keeps hair from ballooning out. The hair looks thick and streamline giving it a clean and graceful look. Best suitable for wavy hair

Front layers
This hairstyle is heavily layered around the face with barely any layers at the back. Ideal for straight hair textures it flatters any shape of the face with required allure.

Tight curls
The wild curly texture is a combination of blended round layers that lend weight to the hair and making it look not too fuzzy. This long hair looks surreal and gorgeous no matter what the face shape.

Lot of the best hair stylists around the world suggest that women wear hair and colour it anyway according to how it fits the person and body language. So don’t be afraid to try something new because confidence is true beauty!

A few more bonus hairstyles for you ladies.





We hope you women over 40 don’t press the brakes on your inner youth as this is your time to enjoy life. Pick whichever hairstyle you feel would look on you and wear it confidently. We hope you enjoyed the list.

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