48 New Hair Color Ideas For Long Haired Women

Dying your hair is always a choice that requires some thought, since you need to take into consideration the length, your natural color, your skin tone and let’s not forget, your personal taste. 

The choice of color, intensity and shade is endless today and long hair offers the best opportunity to play and experiment with your looks and to try something new. What’s the deal then for women with long hair?

Well, let’s start easy. It seems that this year already has its own personal trend, and that is “blorange”. 

As the name suggests, blorange takes what’s best from its two “parents”, blonde and orange, coming up with a combination that can very easily be adapted to every taste and skin tone: you can decide in fact the shade and intensity of both colors to be put into the mixture, so that you have your own personal version. Pretty smart, huh?

One other solution if you want to follow this year’s trend, is to choose balayage hair. 

The name comes from a French technique consisting of adding a series of highlights which look natural and are more modern than traditional highlighting techniques. 
You can of course decide on the shade of color here as well, the choice is pretty much left to your own taste and imagination.

The ombré style is also an interesting choice which keeps attracting lots of women with creative variants. 

The smart thing about this technique lies in the ability to make the blending of the colors you choose so gradual and natural that you can’t really tell where one ends and the other starts.
A new hair color that uses the ombré technique is the so-called grombre, a shade that goes from darker to lighter gray, from the roots to the bottom.

An interesting alternative to both balayage and ombré is called eclipting. 

This hair-color technique is highly based on your skin tone and uses a combination of shades that follows the contour of you face, making it look thinner. Too good to be true? Try it and see if it works!

Who says brown’s a boring hair color? The choice of brown as a shade for your hair can make it look fabulous, especially if you have long, soft waves that shine under the sunlight. 

“Bronde” for example is a perfect choice for brown-lovers, a wise combination that shines with blonde reflections under the sun and turns chocolate once you’re in the shadows. Definitely something that catches the eye!

Finally if you feel daring enough, there’s one trend that has been a big hit all over Instagram, and that is the multicolor solution: here too you can decide on your own personal variant, but the key is on combining different shades of cool colors, blue, green, purple, lilac … in short, let your creativity run free and make your hair speak for yourself! Have fun!  

Here are some more bonus hair color ideas for you long haired ladies

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