49 Pretty Hair Bun Hairstyles For Women

What’s really fun and fascinating about bun-hairstyle is that, despite being one of the oldest hairstyle in history (if not THE oldest), it’s still on top of the fashion trends, its popularity has never decreased and it gets reused and reinvented, surprising with new flares.

Basically if you want to look stylish or classy, retro or glamorous, elegant or cute, the bun is the hairstyle for you. 
Let’s not forget that you can make it look even more stylish by adding all sorts of accessories, from bows to flowers, from hair bands to small precious stones, from hair-brooches to feathers, in short whatever your imagination suggests you. Let’s see then some of the different buns you can wear.

With long hair you have the greatest number of possibilities of course. 
There is the simple twisted topknot bun, which looks very neat, plus it’s extremely comfortable to wear. 
The same goes for the low twisted bun, which is ideal for women with long hair. 
In a similar way, the classic ballet bun is another valid choice if you want a practical yet elegant look.
A fun and cute version, yet classy nonetheless, is the high donut bun, also very easy to wear. 
Another great bun for long hair is the bouffant bun with wisely swept sides: this bun will give an impeccable, retro look. 
Then there is the stylish choice of a side angular loop bun, to look glamorous and creative the same time. You can also try the classic high bun with an elegant braid wrapped around it. 
This bun emphasizes your features whatever your hair color. The tight, multi-braided bun is the choice for you if you want to be stylish but also to give a fresh touch to your look.

There is no reason why a bun can’t be deliberately messy and still give your hair, and therefore your whole figure, a glamorous and trendy look. 

So we can have messy variations of the classic buns, like the top twisted messy bun or the bouffant top with a flat messy bun or yet the braided messy bun. 
All these solutions will give you a purposefully designed messy style that will look charming and cute at the same time.

Finally, you can wear a stylish bun even if you have short hair. 

The general rule is that if you can make a ponytail, then you can make a bun, so let’s see a few suggestions. 
The low voluminous bun is a perfect solution for short hair since it also solves the problem of giving volume to your hair. 
Then there’s the messy top bun, which easily adapts to any look and any occasion. 
You can also recreate a retro, cute look, by styling a messy side bun and by adding cute accessories. For a more elegant look finally, you can choose the side braided bun or, to add a fresh touch, the loose side bun.

Some more bonus bun hairstyles for you ladies

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