32 Handsome George Clooney’s Hairstyles

George Clooney has always been in the eye of the public. His appearance still stirs the heart of many women around the world. 

His signature side part and comb over hairstyle has really been a great choice as he was named Sexiest Man Alive twice. 
We recommend this hairstyle as it is suitable for all ages and provides a sophisticated and professional look.

This hairstyle is simply called a contour or even simpler – a regular. It has always been popular and latest trends bring it up on top again. It’s neat and manly, simply put – sexy.

When it comes to cutting this style, no matter the simplicity there are many options, just like with any other. So it’s very important that you describe it to your barber in as many details as you can.

In Clooney’s case, it seems that he has about 4 inches on top and 3 at the back. It’s best if it is gradually cut from back to front so it blends better and looks more natural. That also gives some more texture to the hair.

To style it, you should wet the hair first and then comb it into style as you blow dry it. Blow drying will again create some texture so it’s very important if your hair is thin or thinning. 

We recommend using a wax pomade for styling as it has a good hold and a very little shine.

In one of his most famous roles he wore a more casual Caesar cut which also fits well to his facial features. 

This cut is actually a regular short cut with a fringe. It features hair on top of the head styled flat and forward, typical for the Emperor Julius Caesar himself. It probably the oldest trick in concealing a hair loss.
As a matter of fact, this hairstyle is very easy to maintain and therefore convenient even for very young restless boys. You can sport it with or without taper, or in undercut. 

On some occasions (read: red carpet) he also wore slicked back hairstyle. So, for this hairstyle first thing to remember is that it is fundamentally formal and that you should consider where are you going to wear it. 

In this hairstyle everything revolves around clean lines, so you should either have an undercut or a clean-shaven neck, or the best option – a fresh haircut. For a hair product we recommend a pomade, either a shine or matt one, depending on the occasion and your preference, of course.

Final tip: you surely are not George Clooney, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t look just as good. Find a good stylist and trust him, have confidence in yourself and show it in your smile. That is all people are looking at, really.

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