38 Intricate French Plait Hairstyles

French plait hairstyle is the most common and easy hairstyle of all. This hairstyle includes the partition of your hair into three parts crossed under each other. 

This hairstyle gives a voluminous look to your hair. Tying your hair in this style also keeps your hair healthy and helps prevent hair loss due to reasons like wind or use of excessive products

To make a French Plait, you can follow the easy steps given below:

1. First of all, comb your hair with a big toothed comb such that there are no strands entangled with each other.

2. Now from the top of the head, take a section of your hair. Divide this section into three parts and perform the steps which you do while making a normal basic braid.

3. Now, gather small even section from the left side of the head, cross them over the center section. Bring the middle section to the right.

4. Now, take a small section of hair from left portion of your head, cross them over the center section and thus bring the middle section to the left.

5. Keep tightening the braid by keeping your hands close to your head. If you lose the grip over the hair, you might end up with no result.

6. Keep adding hair to the braid till there is no hair to add. When you come to this stage, then finish the braid in a basic braid style.

The French braid hairstyle looks amazing on any hair length. For making a French braid, you do not have to have a long length hair. The French braid hairstyle is good for the girls who want to make their hair look voluminous.

 A messy French braid hairdo is suitable for brides as well. The French braid style can also be decorated in various ways.

If you want to make your hair look long, you can add the artificial hair extension at the end of the braid. You can decorate the braid with flowers such that it looks like a garland made up of hair and flowers together. 

Now days there are many decorative pieces available in the market to decorate the hair braids. You can choose the decorative as per your choice.

Thus the French Braid is a hairstyle which is easy to make and this hairstyle does not get disturbed whatever function you may perform. Therefore, this hairstyle is also suitable for the girls who are performing some sport or going for any adventure.


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