42 Stylish French Fishtail Braid Hairstyles

The French fishtail braid is a beautiful clean hairstyle with hair forming a lovely woven plait from the crown of the head to overall length of the hair. 

Unlike the normal French braid which uses three sections of hair and, the fishtail braid uses two sections. 
This complicated looking hairdo needs a little practice and patience but once learnt, it is easy to do and is a great summer/spring look. 
Follow these easy instructions for this classy, elegant and fun weave!

Things you need: A hair brush and a rubber band.

Brush you hair until there are no knots and fingers easily slip through the hair for easy partition. Now the hair is ready to braid.

Step 1Start with separating a small section of hair at the crown of your head where you want the braid to start. Divide the section into two parts.

Step 2Take few strands of hair from the left part with you pointer fingers and bring it over the rest of the left part such that it’s added to the right side bunch.

Now similarly take few strands of hair from the right bring the over that part and add to the left. You can see it creates an ‘x’ in the middle. This is the centre. Keep in mind that the whole braid should form a straight zipper like pattern through the centre otherwise you lose the whole style and it looks awkward.

Step 3
You then again repeat the weave by adding and picking up small parts of rest of the hair to cross them over the centre. 

Continue taking the hair in a formation of outward circular sections from the crown and add to the braid. Keep the sections even and small throughout. Braid until all hair is woven at the base of the hairline.

Step 4
There’s no more free hair to pick up so you just continue taking hair from the two sections of the hair and continue weaving.

Step 5
Keep braiding until you have a couple of two to three inches left. Tie the completed braid with a rubber brand. There you have it. A French fishtail braid!

This is a simple French fishtail braid and can also be worn in many variations like a bun or 2 separate plaits. 

It is said that the messier the hairdo the better it gets. 
Mixing things up and wearing a fishtail braid is a perfect step this Season. 
The french fishtail braid is a modern twist on the classic French braid and the fishtail braid. 
Create a tight braid for an ultra-chic look or wear it loose for a more carefree feel. Happy styling! 

Here are few more bonus french fishtail braid styles & patterns.

We hope you enjoyed the styles and learned more about this braid technique.

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