91 Beautiful French Braid Hairstyles For Ladies

Let’s go back to the basics of French Braid as we are sure that most of you have been looking for the simple yet efficient way to wear this style.

Believe me, it is simpler than you think. Without wasting much time, let us move on and know how to create French Braid all the way to the back.
If you still don’t know how to work it out or you want to improve this skill, then relax and read the article closely.

We must say that a lot of practice is the key to master the art of French Braid. You need some basic tools which include a brush, an elastic ribbon to tie the braid and a hair spray to settle the fly-aways.
Step one is to simply brush the hair backwards. Now take a section of your hair (from front till crown area). Separate this section from the rest of the hair. Now, divide this single section of hair into three sections, using your fingers.

Step two is to cris-cross the hair (like a DNA ladder). The left section is going to move over the mid-sections and then the right section is going to move over the mid-section. Repeating this (moving over) step twice, grab more hair (from right and left) and keep doing the move-over step with the added hair as well.

Do not forget to grab the hair tight throughout the whole process. Keep on adding more and more hair sections and just add them to the tail. Keep doing until you reach the nip of the neck. Once you reach to the nip of the neck, stop adding more hair strands and just finish it with a three-strand braid.

Secure the braid using a small elastic ribbon. Make sure that the ribbon is tight enough to hold the strands. Keep an eye on the fly-aways or the solitary hair seeming to spread away. Not a big issue because you can address the problem using a hair spray. Nothing additional is needed, just a couple of spray shots are enough. Move your hands across the hair the fly-aways will settle down easily.

Never get disappointed if you don’t get it right in the first go. Remember, practice is the key. Never lose heart and keep on practicing. It a simple process yet it needs concentration and focus, tightly pressed fingers and a good idea about dividing the hair into evenly distributed sections. Try it at least once. Best of Luck! 

Here are few more bonus styles for you


We hope you enjoyed this list of french braid hairstyles we handpicked for you.
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