36 Beautiful Hairstyles Worn By Eva Mendes Over The Years

American actress Eva Mendes has been a fixture in Hollywood movies since the 1990s. However, her perseverance has ensured that she made it to the A-list at the turn of the 21st century. 

Mendes has worked with the who’s who of the film industry, with names such as Will Smith, Nicolas Cage, Vin Diesel, Ryan Gosling, Johnny Depp and Denzel Washington to name a few.

After a string of forgettable movies in the 1990s, Mendes was first catapulted into the limelight in her role in ‘Training Day’, as Denzel Washington’s wife.

She won accolades and admiration all around for her performance. Following that, she was cast in the second edition of the hit ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise; ‘2 Fast 2 Furious’ in 2003. The movie was her first brush with large scale commercial success as the movie raked in 127 million dollars.

This would be prove to be her breakout year as she cemented her status with back to back memorable movies such as , ‘Once Upon a Time in Mexico’, ‘Stuck on You’, and ‘Desperado’.

A photograph of her was spotted by a Hollywood talent scout and the rest is history. She would later go on to be the face of global brands such as Revlon, and Calvin Klein to name a few.

With initial ambitions of being an astronaut and then an opera singer, Mendes finally decided on being in movies after she saw the movie ‘Annie’ when she was seven.

From 2002- 2010, Mendes was romantically involved with filmmaker George Augusto. After the end of that relationship, Mendes would go on to fellow actor date Ryan Gosling.

As of now, the two have two daughters. Both have opted for an unconventional relationship, since they have chosen to not get married, despite having children. Mendes has a net worth of 15 million dollars.


From a completely blonde look to brown highlights to everything in between, Eva Mendes’ hair has seen a tremendous amount of change throughout the years. Mendes is gifted with great genetics, as is evident from the looks department.

To add to that, she is also gifted with a thick mane of wavy brunette hair. Whether she’s in a movie, or just walking the streets, photographers can’t seem to get enough of the Cuban beauty.

It is evident from her appearances, that Mendes prefers highlights and streaks over a plain head of hair. Aside from that, she has rocked various different styles

Mendes’ hair over the years-

In Hitch, she sported a feathered look which was quite the craze for many after that. For a Dior fashion show in 2008, she went with a stylish low bun.

Following that, she dazzled everyone with parted bangs and a messy pony at the 10th anniversary party of Flaunt magazine in 2008.

For the premiere of ‘The Wendell Baker Story’, Mendes deviated from her regular look and chose to go for a faux bob with her hair pinned up. In 2015, she was seen sorting old-fashioned romantic curls in New York.

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