39 Beautiful Eva Longoria’s Hairstyles Over The Years

Eva Longoria often appears on the red carpet with stunning hairstyles. The actress has chic, medium-length hair that can be picked in a variety of ways, for example, in careless low bunches.

The American model and actress Eva Longoria is not in vain considered one of the most impressive females in the world. Already for quite a long time, this beauty takes pride of honor among the Hollywood stars. 

In addition, the actress is famous for her chiseled figure, she has, in truth, chic and luxurious hair.

Eva Longoria’s hairstyles are always executed and skillfully emphasize her facial features. She usually includes elastic or careless curls because the actress by nature has a curly hair type.

A few years ago Eva Longoria decided to make a haircut for herself, like Victoria Beckham. But this style was not quite suitable for the actress and she returned to her former style which is stacked in large curls. 

Eva Longoria’s hair color has not changed for many years, most of all it comes chestnut and tan chocolate shades that bring attention to her brown eyes and swarthy skin.

Sometimes she lightens her hair lightly but always staying true to the classic haircut. Sometimes Eva appears in public with charming curly hairstyles which suits her face perfectly.

The actress is not alien to experiments and she likes to diversify her everyday life with different elegant hairstyles that attract the attention of paparazzi and journalists. 

In her daily life Eva most often wears her hair loose or gathers them in a bun. The star prefers a variety of accessories, especially hats, which sometimes hide the small flaws in appearance. 
Eva often happens to be seen with the tail hair, the star practically does not wear braids.

During official events, Eva always meets with a new hairstyle which is her favorite curls. Eva Longoria always appears in special events carpet with the haircut “Hollywood curls” which today is a sign of success. Her closest friend, Victoria Beckham, notes that Eva always looks astonishing.

For creating a laying hairstyle like Eva Longoria as follows. On washed and lightly dried hair, a spray is applied to produce the hair volume. Then the hair is completely dried with a hair dryer and they must be supported by hands. 

When the hair is completely dry they need to be screwed on the curling iron then carefully dividing the strands. Then comb curls with rare teeth and recline. For completing the hairstyle you need to fix them by a hairspray of strong fixation.

Eva Longoria can perfectly select hairstyles, makeup and clothes for each occasion. Here are few more styles she has sported over the years. 

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