34 Cute & Easy Prom Hairstyles

For most of us, prom night is the best occasion to bring out the stunning, glam, ‘killed me with a smile’ kind of goddesses in us. 

From an impeccable dress and a classy clutch, to sublime stilettos, perfectly matching nail paints and dazzling accessories, we ensure not leave any stone unturned in manifesting ourselves as the star of the night. 
But when it comes to boasting our tresses, many are left in a dilemma. Even more so, with just bobby pins and air ties in your inventory.

But, pulling off a consistent hairdo may not be that difficult. Here are 5 easy ones that will give you an exquisite look:

A side pony is a great way to complete your look. Start with parting your hair to one side, optionally leaving out bangs. Secure them with an inconspicuous hair tie. 

Spray each section with a light hold hairspray and then curl, according to your preference. Take a section of hair and wrap it around the ponytail holder and secure with a bobby pin. Finish the look with a finishing spray to fix it.

Hair type: this hairstyle works for even those with frizzy or “poofy” hair. It elongates a square face shape.

Twist this popular, elegant look to make it more beautiful than ever. Pull back your hair in a tight, high ponytail. Separate it into top and bottom sections. Clip the top one to the top of your head so it doesn’t come in your way.

Tuck the ends of the bottom section creating a bun shape. Take the top section and separate into right and left sections. Take either side and tuck the ends underneath the buns. Finally, secure with bobby pins. Fix your look with finishing spray.

Tip: the longer your hair, the more ravishing your hairdo will look. It brings out the best in any face shape.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. And so is this hairstyle!! Begin with smooth, dry hair that is parted to any one side. Take one section of hair on either side and secure them back with bobby pins. Spray everything with only a light finishing spray.

Tip: this style pleases every hair type. It complements oval or round face shape well.


It’s really very hard not to fall in love with this easy, yet classy hairdo. Start with parting your tresses to desired side. Take the section of hair near the ear on the other side and twist it tightly. Secure it with bobby pins at the nape of your neck. Let the rest of the hair in loose curls on the desired side.

Tip: this hairstyle looks better on those with thick locks of hair. It suits the long face shape extremely well.

The messy bun is one of the most celebrated hairstyles. Begin with dry hair. For making it look more voluminous, backcomb that section. Use a hair tie to secure it in a ‘devil may care’ way. 

Pull out strands and pin them up here and there. After you achieve the perfect imperfection, style the bang and spray everything lightly.

Tip: it suits dry, unmanageable hair well. It works better for those with heart or round shaped faces.

So, this time, don’t settle for some standard hairdo. Rather, try out these all-time DIY classics and steal the show with your “crème de la crème” look!! 

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