46 Easy & Cute Wedding Hairstyles

Wedding ceremonies are always very special for all women. It is not one of a laborious task to find a right wedding hairstyle to match your personality and beautiful wedding dress.

We personally think choosing the right hairstyle is as important as selecting dress, shoes and other accessories. An attractive hairstyle is very important as it reflects on your overall personality and sets you apart from rest of the crowd.
A decent woman hairstyle should be comfortable and easy to wear, should not only match your personality, but also heighten your natural features.

As far as weddings are concerned, spring is without a doubt a wedding season. There are endless combinations and hairstyles that women can try according to the occasion i.e.,updo, loose hairstyle, a half-up do or curls.

Braided hairstyles are ideal for attending close relatives or even your own wedding day. Braided crown with loose strands to frame the face or alternatively, if you don’t want your hair to have too much of a princess’s look than keep the texture straight with few natural waves.

Windswept hairstyles are important in providing romantic, soft and classy look. Windswept hairstyle also falls under frowzy look category and it is very trendy in young women these days. Hair accessories like headbands, flowers significantly improves overall appearance and look.

Wavy hairstyles for wedding are also very common in women throughout the globe. Updos styled with loose waves are a definite way of giving your hair that extra romantic edge. Another reliable option of wearing your hair half-up or down, messy & rough waves provide simple yet elegant look.

Wedding Hair Tips:
The Real You: If you are preparing for a close relative or even your own wedding, don’t go over the board. Try to go for hairstyles that defines grace and avoid opting for complicated hairstyle options as you don’t want to be surprising people with something horribly different. 

If you are planning to get special hair treatments i.e., perm or hair coloring. Do it well ahead of time at least a month ago in case so they look natural before attending wedding.

Get Help: Engage and get feedback from various people including friends.

Extra Care: If you are planning to get your hair done exclusively on your wedding day, avoid doing it too tightly and early. It can possibly hurt scalp and lead to headache.

Neat Look: Try getting hair trimming at least few weeks prior to wedding in order to get rid of split ends.


Here are a few more easy & cute wedding hairstyles below

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