34 Dreadlock Hairstyles For Women

It takes months or even years for your hair to settle into this new mould, but once it does, it is worth it. Those looking for a shortcut can opt for hair extensions.

Women often have the luxury of choosing from a wide variety of hairstyles. However, one of the most underutilised and misunderstood style is the dreadlock.

A person with dreadlocks is an instant head turner and towers above the rest of the crowd. One of the keys to developing dreadlocks is patience.

Reasons to get dreadlocks

It’s an exclusive club-
When one thinks of dreadlocks, one of the first names that spring to mind is that of reggae legend Bob Marley. This is because not many figures in pop culture opt for this style. Female names that one might associate with dreadlocks are also rare.

Shakira, Whoopi Goldberg are two names that instantly come to mind. This should not be a deterrent to the ladies who are considering getting dreadlocked, because it simply means that you will be a part of a very exclusive club of people around the world to sport this uber cool hairstyle.

Styling options-
Dreads can be fashioned into a number of different hairstyles.They can be braided, worn either up or down and can even be fashioned into a Mohawk.

· Low maintenance-
Although the initial investment and effort is high, the dividends can be seen in the long run. Dreadlocks are very easy to maintain after a certain period of time and are a good option for those looking for a hassle-free experience.


Many misconceptions surround this stylish hairstyle. One of the foremost is the belief that dreadlocks cannot be washed, and hence will end up smelling.

This idea possibly originates from Indian sadhus or Jamaican rastas, who sport naturally made dreadlocks. This basically means that they abstain from washing, cutting or brushing their hair for months or years until the hair locks into place naturally. 

This technique is not very suitable if you have an active social life and people who live in the same house as you. However, if you want the whole place to yourself, this technique can prove very useful. 
The way you want your dreads to grow is highly subjective, but it should be known that washing your locks is not a problem if you do choose to get dreaded.


Dreadlocks are not a new phenomenon and date back thousands of years. In the Vedic scriptures, Lord Shiva is said to be sporting dreadlocks. 

Anthropologists have also uncovered mummies with their locks still intact. In contemporary society, the locks can be viewed as a symbol for non-conformity and a rejection of convention.

Using residue-free shampoos and soaps is necessary to ensure that your locks remain clean. Also, one way to keep the dreads tight and to maintain their shape is to palm roll them while using wax. Moisture and dreadlocks do not go well together. 

Make sure you blow dry or air dry them after cleaning because trapped moisture can lead to a foul odor later on.Itchiness is a part of the package when you opt for dreadlocks. However, using peppermint-based creams and essential oils will prevent this. 

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