46 Beautiful Hairstyles Demi Lovato Has Rocked Over The Years

Demi Lovato has been on our screens and in magazines since 2007. That is an entire century! Since this time she has had countless high fashion and on trend hairstyles that have progressed with her career as an actress and singer song writer.

These styles have all varied in length color and style creating a montage of many different looks and styles that go with them.

Demi’s first appearance as a young teen on Disney channel she had a ‘girl next door’ look with a block fringe and classic mid length hair cut.

However, since then she has gone through all sorts of styles, from blonde to dark chocolate brown , from long to sharp and edgy short hair.

These have all developed throughout her career in the lime light and moved with the current trends of that year.

When appearing as a judge on The X Factor she never failed to wear different styles that really pushed cutting edge fashion with her long blond locks.

Demi commonly went for updo’s and rocked a signature front swirl quiff that is bold at the best of times. However, she made it seem effortless and held a strong sense of elegance.

Other hair styles that she had during her time on the show was a stunning pink dip dye.

The blend between the pink and the blond was impeccable and very high fashion at the time with an element of a mermaid feel to it.

To accentuate this look she also wore it in a high pony tail to draw attention to the blending on the two colors. Genius!

Leading on from the pink dip dye, Demi has dabbled into a variety of different bold colors since being famous.

These go from an entire spectrum, from purple to orange and a mixture of everything in-between. These have not only been dip dyes but a complete block color or several colors in one.

To be honest it is difficult to keep up with the rainbow of colors that have been through the locks of Demi Lovato.

However, the current look that she is adopting as a brunette is a shoulder length bob that really strips her back to a natural beauty and allows her be present as an elegant, sophisticated young lady.

Although this may seem basic in comparison to her previous array of styles she is still creating layers and textures with her hair through the styling.

These can be adopted by anyone and are very simple. Demi often pulls all her hair back to really emphasize her facial features which is great for a night out or to upgrade an outfit. Other classic Demi go-to styles would be messy braids that are great for day wear.

Below are few more gorgeous hairstyles and hair color shades she has rocked over the years

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