22 Stunning Dark Brown Hair Color hairtyles

A dark brown color that is enriched with chocolate tones is an image of timeless sophistication and gives the appearance of elegance and grace.

This can be seen throughout history and displayed across all aspects of the fashion industry. With so many women with this versatile shade it makes it easy to find a hairstyle that suits you.

Therefore, Brunettes definitely have a vast amount of options regarding different tones, variations and styles, which frame and define the face that is surrounded by these chocolate locks.

From light subtle tones to dark enriched chocolate we have them all in all lengths and volumes, giving us a large pool of options to discuss and work from.

If you already have a dark chocolate hair color try to accentuate it with subtle highlights of caramel hues to create an illusion of fullness and volume, whilst upholding a natural look that suits your skin complexion.

Adding highlights is an easy way to add definition to the tones of dark hair with only simple adjustments which still look natural and just emphasize the beauty of the hair.

Delving into the rich caramel hair colors adds an element of gloss and gives the overall appearance of healthier hair. However, introducing these high and low lights should be a graduated balance from dark to light to maintain a natural look and feel to the hair; creating a finished look of blended brown and caramel tones that look divine.

A great way to style a brunette’s hair that has a variety of colors in it would be to add simple curls that give the hair a bounce and added volume to really show off the mane that you possess. It is very simple yet always a winner and enables you to create a look that is brilliant for all occasions.

This timeless look has been going for generations and by merely adding the wave from the curls uplifts the hair, giving a look that is elegant and complementary to the rich colors.

With the chocolate tones you really are spoilt for choice but picking the right one to blend with your skin tone can be difficult. If you have a paler skin tone try to avoid going with a color that is too dark for your complexion as this could wash you out.

Therefore, having a lighter brown color with highlights could really emphasize the beauty of your completion and complement your skin tone to perfection.

There are also many things that you can do to make yourself stand out with dark brown hair. By having a completely different color as a dip dye, it can really mark a bold statement that complements the dark chocolate tones in your hair. You could go for a simple caramel dip dye or go for more daring colors.

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