37 Cute Haircuts For Short Haired Girls

Just because you have short hair doesn’t mean you are limited to the styles that you can use. There are a range of different cuts that can give you a stand out/ striking look and still uphold elegance and class.

Pixie cut hairstyles are more difficult to style as such, however, using hair product to give volume and uplift the hair can work wonders. Also with such an edgy hair cut it is a signature look and requires little maintenance maintain.

Other edgy short hairstyles for females are having sections of your hair shaved. There are now many female hairstyles that have incorporated shaving sections of your hair to reduce thickness and create geometric designs. 

An undercut is a key example of this. This is where there is a section between your neck and ponytail is shaved to reduce the hair that sits on your neck. 
To style this, you could simply shave patterns to add texture and wear your hair up in a simple high ponytail. This is an effortless look and requires little maintenance, as the styling itself is very easy yet the statement that you are making is bold.

A more traditional short haircut with a modern twist is the timeless middle parted bob is a classic. This straight cut bob can be bold with a pristine linear cut and glossy finish. 

Giving an overall sophisticated feel but still has that edgy look. To maintain this look, simply straightening your hair and sometimes applying a hair mask to enhance your hairs natural oils is required. 
To style this through out the week you can add layers to the hair by sectioning off half of it and tying it up in a small bun, giving the appearance of more volume.

To introduce different ways of wearing short hair that works best are French plaits that wrap around the head. 

This look gives an angelic like appearance and once mastered looks incredible. Other accessories can be added to enhance the look further, for example hair scarfs to tie it all together. 
To hold the plait in place all that is needed are a few bobby pins to secure. To texture this you can simply pull out parts of the plait so it looks slightly messy with a textured feel.

Another more modern look that has been modeled by Miley Cyrus is the simple space buns. These can be created in a variety of different ways, however the most simple is to just use the classic bun.

Other ways to add texture to these buns is to create plaits before hand and pull them out to create a messy textured look. These create a quirky, symmetrical look that really highlights all aspects of your face by pulling back the majority of your hair alongside the mirrored line created by the middle parting.


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