29 Crew Cut Hairstyles For Men

A crew haircut is the one in which the hair is cut short but graduates in length being longer at the front creating a pomp and shortest at the back and tapered on the sides.

The outline of the top hair can be combed upwards or on one side, depending on the face shape and facial features. Crew cut is sometimes called a butch or a military hairstyle though in the second the hair is cut evenly short in a uniform length.

A long crew cut is in the US also known as an ivy league cut. All of these can be referred to as buzz cuts, and all are usually styled with hair wax. We advise that you avoid gel especially if your hair is thin.

This style is popular in a military and sporting world as it is easy to maintain, and gives a neat and masculine look. 

The negative side is that it requires frequent visits to the barber in two to three weeks as this short hair can quickly lose its shape.

Also, you should always keep in mind to protect your scalp from sun burns in you spend a lot of time out in the open. Use a light formulation sunscreen preferably specific to your hair type and apply often.

A lot of celebs have chosen to wear this style, at least at some point. Channing Tatum rocked this style with slightly tousled up top. Needless to say what a sexy look he achieved with it.

If your hair is thick or curly you may try a Taylor Kinney crew cut hairstyle. It’s slightly longer but it keeps locks more manageable and neat.

If your face is oval shaped like in Ryan Gosling you can sport a short fringe slicked over to one side. It’s stylish and formal, perfectly combined with a fancy suit.

Chris Evans though looks daring with his slightly spiked crew cut. It has dynamic texture and is easily achieved with some product worked into your hairline with a comb.

You can achieve Christian Bale’s edgy and mysterious look with close cropped cut, or manly and modern looking up to Colton Haynes contemporary Ivy league featuring longer fringe styled up with gel.

For thinning or fine hair we recommend a flat-top crew cut as worn by Robert Downey Jr. It is styled forward and horizontally from the crown.

David Beckham fashioned it soft and textured for a preppy and confident look. Is suits perfectly to his face shape with high cheekbones and strong jaw.

For a boyish and playful look presented by Cam Gigandet is full of volume and so touchable. Style it with a little product to achieve this carefree and casual style.

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