45 Handsome Channing Tatum’s Hairstyles

Channing Tatum’s style has always been on the top of the Hollywood market.

The American actor possesses a naturally dark straight hair which he wears short, differently shaped into his unique styles at all times. 

Channing Tatum’s haircut styles are varied, ranging from sleek side combs through quaffed styles to faux hawks and spikes.

 It is hard to tell what really inspires the growing interest in Tatum’s hairstyle, whether it is the success of his movies such as X-Men, GI Joe – The rise of cobra and a host of others, that is, his being a celebrity, or the hang is on the haircut styles themselves. 

Or maybe it is his sheer handsomeness and the grace with which he carries his styles that do the magic.

Many things are interesting about Channing Tatum’s hairstyles. For one thing, his styles are classic, with long hair at the top and short hair at the sides. 

These styles are easy to wear and maintain. Being short and less cumbersome in design the styles are very easy to manage as well. 

A very busy person who hardly has time to view himself in the mirror from time to time will find these hairstyles very pleasing to don on. 
Few of his monumental works include movies like Step Up, Magic Mike and 21 Jump Street. Whereas his more recent work includes movies like Foxcatcher, The Hateful Eight and Hail Caesar.

His hairstyles are a great choice for men with a more oval or square face because Tatum has a pretty strong jawline himself

The allure of Channing Tatum’s  hairstyles afterall may be in the predominantly short hairstyles he wears, and his unique beard cut styles and his devilishly good looks. 

Below are few more hairstyles and looks Channing Tatum has sported over the years

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