39 New Caramel Hair Color Ideas & Styles

The charming tones of caramel allow for a wide range of delicious options for all hair types and styles. 

Caramel hues in a range of hair styles can be adapted to incorporate elements of highlights, lowlights and even dip dyed hairstyles. 
Due to the range of caramel colours and the versatility in the combinations, the user is able to create a blend of tones that complements and emphasizes their beauty regardless of their complexion.
The attractive features of the caramel colour wheel is the natural aspect that it alludes as most virgin hair colours have subtle hints of caramel running through them as a result of exposure to the sun. 
Therefore, simply highlighting these traits enhances natural colour formations of the hairs composition. There are other ways of styling the caramel colours to create a more striking blend that creates greater volume to your hair.

For darker hair tones an explosion of light tones works well with gradual fading from dark to light that gives a beautiful mix and variation to the hair, making it look fuller and healthy. 

The golden element truly boosts the layers of the hair giving them a textured facade. In comparison to blonde hair types, where adding in subtle caramel tones results in a softer appearance to the hair colour to really complement the general look of the hair. 
However, if you wanted to really have the ‘beach look’ dip dyed hair is more of a statement and can really uplift your hair and create a modern twist to any hairstyle. Many celebrities can be seen successfully rocking this hair colouring, from Khloé Kardashian to Beyonce. 
The popularity of this style does not stop here as many women have this style and utilise the caramel blends to heighten their beauty.

Giving a blend of these caramel and golden tones can really enhance and create the volume needed for any hair style and due to its variation in colours it can truly be adopted by anyone seeking a new look that is subtle and gives the allusion of a natural blend. 

Of course there are many cases where the application of these high lights are less subtle and can often result in a ‘streaky’ undesirable look. 
To avoid this, ensure that the scrumptious caramel colours are graduated to really give a blend that suits your original hair colour.

In the midst of your new caramel locks a vital element that will finish the look would be the key make up essentials that will draw attention to your eyes.

Highlighting your eyes to make them a main feature with a shimmering bronzed eye shadow and a black smokey eyeliner and mascara will bring deeper dimensions to the look.

We hope you enjoyed this list of caramel hair color ideas and try out some interesting new shades.

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