41 Latest Shades & Styles Of Brown Hair Color For Long Hair

For centuries, the ideal lady for most men was a ‘Blondie’ with blue eyes, perfect long legs and a body shape that could win you some Grammy awards, times are changing though and the Brunettes are shaking things up a little and slowly taking over. 

Truth be told, deep inside we all want to be a little French and what better way to start than with that Brunette ‘French’ girl hair.
Luckily, Brunettes have now found ways to enhance this color in a more effortless, creative and luxe-inspired way that positively radiates and compliments modern day women.

So what makes this color so uniquely popular? Well, we could start by appreciating the fact that brown hair is the second most natural and common human hair color, after black hair and of course offers a huge variety of shades, from light brown to a darker shade to work with and  gives your  hair a little kick of some gorgeous turns, particularly if it’s long.

More often than not, that normal look becomes a bit too monotonously boring and you might want to change something little about your hair but not so sure if it’s a ‘safe’ move or what exactly to change about it.

The good news is that there are tons of ways to liven up that look and attain that ‘special something’with your hair but let’s look at the 3 most basic and easiest ways to do it yourself.

Asymmetrical strokes of caramel highlights is one way to do the trick and that never lets you down!! 

It’s a chic down-do that adds a sleek definition to the layers and curls that lighten the brown tint and adds some warmth to the look. Make a side parting, make some large curl locs and complete the look with some hair spray.

Balayage is a hair color technique that’s been there for a while but is definitely starting to creep back in. Layered hair with balayage highlights is definitely a way to tone it up a little.

It has over 90 ways of mixing up blonde, brown and caramel tones. Bringing out that softer, glossy and more natural looking hair. 

But before considering the look, note that it makes the face visually wide. The upside is that it’s low maintenance that still gives your hair a more natural, healthier finish that’s more flattering, bold and subtle

And then comes a relatively new technique known as ‘bronde’. This is a perfect and utterly beautiful combination of both worlds of blonde and brown tones. 

Bronde retro waves on long hair, part at the middle definitely makes that statement and give a perfect option for brunettes with a dark shade and want to try out a lighter color.

It’s also a low maintenance and works pretty well with people who are color shy and want an easy to do hair-do.  

Few more bonus brown hair color shades and styles for you long haired ladies.

We hope you girls enjoyed the list and found some new shades and styles of brown hair color for your long hair.

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