43 Beautiful Braided Prom Hairstyles

Prom is considered as one of most sparkling day for a girl. Hence, she needs to dress up in the best of her attire for her big-day. 

However, it is the hair-do that shows-off the dress and make-up. Hence, deciding upon the hair-do is always a strenuous task! 
Therefore, this article is about some easy, do-at home hairstyles that would amplify your look and make you feel beautiful. 
Ranging from classy, elegant and subtle, there a lot of hairstyles that could be tried for your big day. There are bow-how and glam options available as well that would go with many different looks. 

The first and basic option for hair with short, medium or long length is to braid the front hair from one side to the other. This hairstyle is very simple to make as it takes only one braid to be done.

Another option is to braid the front hair from the middle to both the sides. This means that 2 braids will be made at either side. This gives a sassy look to the lady.

For the ones who choose to tie up the hair, the third option is your call. All you need to do is make a simple braid and tie it into a ponytail. That would render a neat as well as a classy look. 

For the ones who are used to making a bun, there’s an option available for you as well. A side braid is firstly made with a thinner section of hair and then it is pulled back and all the hair are tied into a bun. This definitely gives you an elegant look. This look is best suited with a gown!

Not the end, yet! If you’re looking for some high volume hairstyle, here’s an option for you as well. All the hair are openly curled first and then a lose braid is made from the front section of the hair toward either of the side. This give the feel of a princess and looks stunning with a dress. 

Another classy hairstyle for medium or long sized hair could be keeping all the hair at one side with a braid. This can be done with waving the hair and then making a braid towards the preferred side. The braid could either be tied up or left loose.

One of the most preferred hairstyle is the messy French braid at the braid. In this hairstyle, all the hair are tied up at the back into a French braid. This give a messy yet classy look. 

These hairstyles never fail to cast its magic spell. These are suitable for all lengths, tastes and preferences. These are very simple, yet elegant. 

Definitely, a perfect call for all the ladies out there! No more worrying or being puzzled about the hairstyle for your big day. 

 Below are few more bonus braided prom hairstyles for you.

We hope you enjoyed this list of braids hairstyles for prom.

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