29 Breathtaking Braided Hairstyles For Indian Women

Indian women are known to have really lustrous, gorgeous and long hair. 

And as you long haired ladies know, it can often be hard to tame thick long hair. The braid hairstyle comes to rescue in such situations and can be seen to be sported by majority of Indian women. 

The braid hairstyles provides the ease of maintenance and the elegance of a long hairstyle at the same time, making it a go to style for a lot of Indian women. Braided hairstyles are acceptable at home, work or casual outings in India and are worn by women of all ages.

Let’s look at some of the Indian braids styles and patterns worn by Indian women today.

1. Standard braid
It’s an easy style that works for all occasions. They are the most common way of doing hair across India due to its versatility and simplicity.

Beginning at the nape, braids are made by dividing hair into three equivalent parts. Cross over the left over the right and over then middle one. Repeat this method till you finish the braid.

2. French braid
It’s also known as ‘sagarchoti ‘in Hindi. They keep the braids smart by ensuring the entire mane is neatly pleated.

To make one you divide hair into three equal portions at the top of the head and add sections of hair gradually as you move down the nape. At the nape you can make a regular braid, a fish tail or a bun according to the occasion or choice.

Compared to the easiest type of hair braid, a French plait has a few functional favorable circumstances: it can restrain hair from the highest point of the head that is too short to reach the nape of the neck, and it spreads the weight and tension of the braid over a bigger part of the head. Its sleeker appearance makes it look as exquisite and sophisticated.

3. Crown braid

It is also known as hallo braid. It is woven like a French braid but need more time to add small sections as the braid progresses.A standout amongst the most cleaned hairdos for a night vintage party look, a crown twist is perfect for ladies with medium-length to long hair.

It goes well with a saree and can also be customized as per the occasion. It also works well with curly hair since it keeps hair well maintained and neat. A flower can be added to accessorize.

4. Fish tail braidIt is made by taking small even sections of hair like a normal braid that looks like a fishtail or a herringbone.While the Basic French Braid begins at the highest point of the head, this popular variety of french twist begins at the nape of the neck as a rule, yet the most stylish method for braiding it is to do to a side of the neck.

While the normal french twist begins with three little segments at the highest point of the head, this present day fishtail begins with a pig tail and separating the hair into littler parts. It goes awesome on hair which is not washed for maybe a couple days instead of on freshly cleaned hair.

5. Side braid
The side braid is a great style that never goes out of fashion. Brush your hair to whichever side you want and after that braid it in your most loved style or pick another sort of twist to switch up your standard look.

6.A Twisty Braided Up-doA basic bun at the back of the head may take away all the volume from the forehead but if you divide your hair, take 2 strands from each side which will incorporate the frontal hair beginning from the very temple, stick them behind perfectly and afterward tie a twisty bun. 

For the bun, twist your back hair, move up each layer of hair strands upwards close to the back of the head, and stick them. Also, your twisty interlaced hair up-do is thoroughly prepared. Add extras as indicated by your needs and you are good to go.

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