32 Braided Hairstyles For Curly Haired Women

Curly hair has the tendency to stick to the scalp during periods of heat, such as in summertime, but braiding your hair tends to keep this from happening.

Certain braiding styles seem to serve the purpose of curly hair than others. Even though some of these styles may take longer to make than the conventional braiding styles, they compensate the time invested on them by looking more gorgeous and hold the curls more firmly in place.

Fishtail braids are so popular and seem to be very relevant in hair styling, especially with curly hair. It goes without saying that braids for straight hair are a lot easier to control than braids for curly hair but don’t let that deter you away. Curly braided hair looks extremely elegant and beautiful.

One of such styles can be achieved by simply separating the hair into pigtails, and then braiding one of the pigtails midway into a fishtail. The braided pigtail is then wound around the other pigtail once, by introducing the bottom half of the first braid into the new one.

Curly hair can indeed be gorgeous provided you handle it the right way. If you consider the fact that straight hair is more common than curly hair, you will automatically stand out with your curls and attract some attention.

Different hairstyles fit different curly hair types. Hairstyles perfect for thin, fine curly hair may not come out very well with thick, tough curly hair. Fine curly hair may require multiple braids to achieve the type of texture or grip that thick, tough curly hair naturally possesses.

For extremely fine curly hair, trying to achieve some level of thickness through multiple braids may just be plain pointless, as things just may not add up due to the excessive fineness of the hair strands.

Hair volume in such a situation may just be plain absent, to the point that the scalp can be seen well pronounced under very skeletal strands of curls.

There are endless options when it comes to braiding. You however must choose which style works out best for you based on your specific needs in terms of your hair requirement. The type of braid that fits perfectly for a long thick curly hair is often different from the one suitable for short fine curls.

There are braids that are just perfect for the day – the best of these will be those braids that give you that elegant look. You can make appropriate overlaps of your braids across your head to achieve your desired effect, be it to keep the hair off your shoulder; create a formal look; present a sexy outlook or just be plain breathtaking. 

Some hair strands are conventionally left in the front part of the face to create a frame effect for the face. Most of the common braided hairstyles like waterfall braids, french braids, dutch braids, beach waves etc can easily be made for curly hair too.

 Below are few more braided hairstyles for you curly haired girls

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