29 Elegant Braided Bun Hairstyles

Fashion, and in particular hair styles, are as dynamic as the word itself. To begin with, the braided bun hairstyle is two separate hair styles fused together to create an elegant new style, namely braided hairstyles & bun hairstyles.

Women cling to the braided bun style on the days they want to avoid a ‘bad hair day’.

However, the combination of the two is a classic type of art that can only be described by one word; holy grail

Braided buns have become a fashion icon this year, and the diversity in the ways of styling have made some women religious to braided buns, while others shy away from it.

One thing that all ladies should know is that the fun of spotting braided buns is its potential of making you look outgoing. There is really no need of claiming perfection with this hair style, and you can just go about your day with semi-messed braids and still appear funky and styled.

You could have a style like Fishtail French Braided Bun that runs round your head and ends up in a semi-tidy low bun. With this look you can go to the gym and after your gym shower pull an elegant colored classy sun-dress and head out for a picnic event.

Although it looks a little messy, it throws some elegance to it. And while still on Fresh braid, for those of you who have been looking for a partner, you could try the sexy Upside Down French Braid Bun that some celebrities have spotted.

This will bring out the fancy you-need-me kind of girly look. The point is, a simple braided look like this one (can be complicated the first time) can help bring out the sparkle in your eye and the beauty of your smile.

There is no requirement that states that you should have your braided bun done by a professional hair stylist. If you are looking for a more professional bun look, say like the Braided Bubble Bun, you can simply do it at home. 

What I really mean by you can make the style from home is you can watch a You Tube tutorials and follow it step by step to get that look. If you are not ‘smart’ at following tutorials then steal a few minutes of your precious sister, cousin, friends’ time. After all, what are cousins, sisters, and friends for?

We suggest you try the different braid bun styles before they run out of fashion. You could try a different brain bun on you; your mum and even your baby girl and all of you become the center of attraction the whole day.

Here are few more bonus braided bun hairstyles for you ladies

We hope you enjoyed the hairstyles above and try out some styles in future. 

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