42 Good Looking Bradley Cooper Hairstyles

Even though his hairstyles isn’t what made him the “sexiest man alive” in 2011, it has certainly added some points. 

His hairstyles are often changing but nevertheless he always manages to look astonishing. 
Whether it is cut military short or left casually curly and longer, he makes the women swoon and men looking up to him for inspiration about their looks. 
If you want to replicate some of his hairstyles, we will name few of the most popular and also a few tips on how to get your hair looking more like his.

If you prefer short hair you can try out his sleek side swept bangs or charming spikes. The first one is one of the simple ones even it looks utterly sophisticated. 

His strands are cut to a couple of inches in length and styled with hair gel by wiping the bangs to the sides and creating a side part.

Sexy spikes are obtained as you style them with your fingers and some hair product for hold. Bradley wore this haircut with tapering on the sides and at the back which made him look so attractive.

His extra short ivy league is low maintenance and easy to create. The only thing done here is tapering the sides and back for this super manly look.

For longer and wavy hair his layered nape length locks are definitely a go-to. He has natural locks so he doesn’t have to try hard to achieve this look. 

He just gives it a soft central part and finger comb it to the back. Layers and locks do the rest.

Slick back is great for men with straight hair texture and medium hair length. Simply apply a generous amount of hair gel and brush the strands backwards.

Textured and shaggy layers are perfect for those who want to show their romantic side. The simplicity of this haircut gives it that charming look. 

Cut some medium size strands and slightly brush them back or apply get for a wet look and make your bangs messy.

If you want your hair to look more like Cooper’s we have a few tips for you.

You firstly need to grow it out below the top of your ears. Also, before choosing a hairstyle to replicate, know your hair type and hairline. 

After that is considered, go for a layered cut. It is always recommendable as it adds texture to the hair and keeps it manageable. 
Blow drying is another “secret” of a Bradley’s look. Blow dry your hair completely by bending over. 
That will keep it from matting down and if it poof out just brush it back on all sides. Finally, you will need a gel and light-hold hair spray.
Rub a small amount of gel on your fingers and through your hair from front to back. Remember not to use too much as it will weight down your hair and lose the body.


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