27 Handsome Brad Pitt’s Hairstyles

Brad Pitt has been one of the greatest and most famous actors for decades now and there is probably no guy who has never wished to copy some of his styles worn in the movies or on the red carpet. 

Over the years he has tried out so many different hairstyles that it’s hard to keep track of them all. But he wore every one of them with so much confidence and style many of us only dream of. 
He wore it in all lengths but always attracting attention and a bit of envy.

Here are some of his most famous hairstyles.

Straight mid length hairstyles gives a relaxed and casual look and works great on fine and medium hair but will need regular trimming. It involves long layers jagged cut falling to the shoulders. He doesn’t wear it too often but it suits him gorgeously.

Classic undercut is one of the best styles Brad Pitt ever wore. He did leave it a bit longer on the sides and back than it is usual for this hairstyle but it is still obviously there. In order to achieve a more classy look, he combined it with a side part.

Short and messy hairstyle is another one of Brad’s casual looks. It features trimming in a uniform size with front part left slightly longer than back and sides. Style it with your fingers and some product for hold.

If you like something more formal and neat, you can try his straight and sleek look. Smooth back all of the front areas, around the ears as well. 

In this style the top part should again be left longer so that it can be combed back. For this style, you will need quite a lot of product to keep it all in place.

If you prefer short hair though you should definitely go for Brad’s famous short spikes. It is one of the easiest to style and isn’t too formal but neither is too casual. 

You can wear it anywhere. Short spikes are again left in the top section while the sides and back are trimmed and swept down the sides. Style it with your fingers.

Buzz cut is great hairstyle for those who don’t like to spend much time with their hair. Actually, this cut requires no styling at all. All you need to do it is cut it short to the scalp. This hairstyle is great for summer and long days on the beach as you don’t have to worry about drying and styling.

Pompadour is a stylish and trendy haircut worn in many varieties. The one Brad rocked is closely shaved at the sides, while it has a softer fade at the back leaving at least two inches in the crown. That allows it to be brushed back with a comb while showing off the texture on top.

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