61 Stylish Blonde Bob Haircuts

Hair is our number one accessory – it is versatile, natural, and and you definitely can’t leave home without it.

Hair is in many ways an honest expression of who we are; it speaks volumes as to our personalities and outer reflection of how we see ourselves on the inside.

Society has spent endless hours on the styling and care of it since the beginning of mankind, so it is little wonder that thousands of years later we have become even more creative with our tresses. 

With more style and color options than than ever before, the ways in which you can express yourself are nearly endless. Still… you can’t really beat a classic.

The blonde bob – one of the world’s most timeless and enduring styles. Although it may not be as much of the rage all of the time, with styles fluctuating in and out of what is considered to be “trendy” with every infant decade, it has never gone out of style. 

It is a constant presence in the hair and fashion world with more and more models and celebrities opting for the “light and easy” trend. 

This of course means that more of the non-famous folk, like you and me, will be inspired to follow suit after the example of their favorite celebrity.

The first evidence we have found of this style in history was the lob, or “long bob” in Ancient Egypt.

Although not blonde, both males and females alike, especially those born into royalty or individuals in positions of power, adopted the ancient bob – and probably looked pretty fabulous. 

Then the bob became all the rage when it hit America in the 1920’s and became part of the Flapper style. 

Everyone began to adopt the “do” including silent film stars such as Lillian Gish and Dolores Costello after 20’s “It Girl” Louise Brooks popularized it. 

The only hairstyle rival that the bob had in the 20’s was of course the finger waves – but even many Hollywood ladies combined both and created what it known as the iconic signature American hairstyle of the 1920’s.

The rage continued into later decades and not just by film stars. Bob’s had also become popular in Britain where more and more people took on the blonde color as well. 

Eventually color dying migrated to the less affluent and before long everyone from high school cheerleaders to the First Lady sported it.

Back then there were only a limited number of blonde hues to choose from. Today, shades of blonde range from honey, to platinum, to gold, to ash, to the ever popular ombre and bayalage blondes… the options are endless. 

The styles themselves even range from the blunt bob for those with a fierce personality, to the heavy bangs bob for those who like an full and classic feel, the asymmetrical, the soft blended, the lob, and many more!

Some celebrity blonde bob inspiration comes from Jennifer Lawrence, Beyonce, Rachel Taylor, Ciara, Scarlett Johansson, and Julianne Hough.

Let’s face it, the bob in all it’s variations will look good on just about anyone. It is a flattering, face shaping accessory that will highlight the curves and angles of your face; whether you have high or low cheekbones, a square jaw or not, a long face or round one, this is a cut and style that will be fantastic for you. 

And thanks to the multi hues, there is the perfect blonde for your skin tone. The takeaway here: Blonde bobs are always a good idea. Itis a timeless look that wont go out of style any time soon.

Below are few more bonus blonde bob haircut styles for you


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