Big braids are an interesting variation to the common braids hairstyles. This style consists of braids which are much thicker and chunkier than other braid varieties.

If you think the big braids hairstyle is just for black women, you’re mistaken. This style can be worn for most hair colors and types out there.

White women can wear big braid as a variation to the common two strand braids hairstyles. Whereas black women can wear big braids as a variation to cornrows, jumbo braids, box braids etc

Bigger braids are much easier to style than thinner and smaller braid. But at the same time they can look very feminine, very stylish and very beautiful.

Big braids are often a common style for black women with box braids. There is a plethora of different ways you can wear them.

Big box braids also present you with the comfort of styling them into different hairstyles easily. For styles like braided updos and buns, it is much easier to get bigger braids into place than it is to thinner and smaller variants.

However, this ease of styling comes at a price. Bigger braids get loose easily and it is very hard to keep them in place during the course of the day.

Big box braids are often a go to choice and default choice for many African American women. However white women are also picking up on this new trend too and trying out new style.

But having that said, white hair and black hair differs greatly in its nature and hence the big braids hairstyles look extremely different for white and black hair.

Big braids hairstyles present the same options & varieties like regular braids present. You can wear braided hairstyles for updos, bangs, side braids or to events like proms and weddings.

Below we will look at some common big braid hairstyles and patterns.

We hope you ladies enjoy this list of big braid hairstyles and picked up some inspiration and new ideas for yourself.

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