47 Cool Beard Fade Styles For Men

The fade style is no longer restricted to the undercut or the hair on your head only. Lately there has been a lot of upcoming styles for the beard fade. 

This is a good beard cut for those who want to add that extra style to their look and want to maintain a sharp beard.
There is no consensus on the ideal beard length for the faded beard cut. You can try it out irrespective of whether your beard is long or short.
You can have the same fade as your undercut or can go for a different length for your fade. The beard fade will also help accentuate the jaw line more and will make for a very powerful look. 
This style will also help give a more square and sharp look to those with rounder face and weaker jaws. You can also always play around with the beard line to make it suit your face shape and angles.
Those with trimmers at home and well experienced at styling their own beards can try out this beard style at home. Others can hit up their local barbershops or salons for the same.
The faded beard look also helps add the idea that your beard is well cleaned, groomed and maintained. Those will patchy beards can also use this style to help accentuate or take away attention from certain areas. 
There are different types of fades even within this style. Low fade, high fade, faded sideburns, stubbles etc.
Below are few of the beard fade styles you can go through to pick out some new ideas.

We hope you men enjoyed the list of styles and got some inspiration to try out some new beard styles
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