33 Cool Beach Hairstyles For Men

Looking for some cool, easy to style and low maintenance haircut for the summer? Search no more as we will let you in some of the most popular trends for summer season of 2017. 

From skin fades to surfer dude hairstyle and pompadours, you can let your imagination go wild and try out some of the most creative hairstyles this year.

First to say, if you are planning on spending a lot of time exposed to salt sea water, your hair is going to get seriously dry so you will probably need to use a conditioner and a detangle spray if you have mid to long hair. Nevertheless, it will give you that carefree style that is so attractive to women.

The textured top work well with most guys and it is quite popular as it works well on both, the thick as well as fine hair. This style will add some height and slim down your face. If you have fine hair you might want to add some products that add additional texture though. It looks good whether your hair is straight or wavy. This stylish cut brings out wave and volume while high fade keeps it easy to maintain.

If you dislike having bangs over your forehead you can combine the clear definition at the back and roughly styled hairline. Low skin fade works best with it and the plus side is that you won’t be needing a hairstylist for quite some time.

For short and straight hair spikes are always a stylish go to. It looks great, it’s not too messy nor too neat and it’s super easy to style. Just work a little amount of product with your fingers and pull out a few sections here and there. Or you can try a timeless pomp, for a bit longer hair, and comb your hair up and back.

Curly hair can also be easy to maintain and keep under control if you don’t like it to look tousled. Show off your curls on top of your head but cut with short fade the sides and taper fade down the nape. It will make it so much easier to style!

You can also experiment with buzz lines.

If you like the side part again leave the longer length on top than on the sides and direct your hair up and to the side instead of backwards.

For mid length and wavy hair we recommend a slick back. Apply some strong hold product with your fingers through your hair directing it to the back of your head. If you like your hair messy, try out windswept waves. Ask your stylist to make layers if your hair is thick and then simply scrunch your hair as you dry it.

Few more bonus hairstyles for you men to wear to next time at the beach

We hope you guys enjoyed this list of beach hairstyles and pick out some interesting new styles.

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