28 Hairstyles Ashton Kutcher Has Worn In Movies

Ashton Kutcher is one of those people who are not afraid to experiment with different hairstyles but the hard truth is that he looked good with each and every one of them. 

From the surfer dude do, over the clean cut to blowout, he would always look cool and foxy. He wore it with and without bangs, long, short, messy, clean cut, straight, wavy – you name it! 
The astonishing fact is that it always looks well groomed and stylish. Since his first appearance in the acting world he has been a trend setter having all the guys wanting to look like him. And what girl wouldn’t want that?!

His hair is rather thin so he cuts a razor cut a lot of layers to add texture to his wavy brown hair. This hair style with messy bangs is a great way to flatter a broad forehead and to soften a square face.

He wore it parted from mid section, parted from sides, as well as brushed back or ends flipped out, but his most popular and we could say a signature hair style is messy casual look. 

So let’s take a look at some of those desirable hairstyles and see how you can re-create them.

Short and straight tapered hairstyle – If your face shape is any but round, and your hair thin this will look good on you. If you have medium to thick hair and round face, add soft angled layers. 

No matter the age this haircut is always in trend. Cut shorter on the sides and at the back it’s blending into the longer top intended to contour the head with a simple finish. 
This hairstyle is great for those who don’t want to lose much time on styling. It requires regular, not-too-often trims, approximately once a month or so and just a slight touch of wax or mousse.

Mid-length shaggy hairstyle – Best suited for slightly wavy and fine hair types. While cutting create a curved line starting above the eyebrows, dropping to the bottom of the ears and to the base of the neck. 

Rub in some gentle-hold mousse before blow drying. When it is almost dry use small amount of wax to arrange the hair with your fingers and allow the hair to air dry.

Surfer dude do – If you are after that surfer dude look, you should let your hair grow and expose it to natural elements just as any surfer would do. 

If you don’t surf, try out a salt water hairspray but keep in mind it will make your hair dry so it won’t be easy to manage it. To reduce that always spray it on already wet hair. 
That should keep the damage at minimum. To get the messy look, after the layered cut just go with your fingers through and you are done!  

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