Stylish Angled Bob Haircuts

The bob haircut is one of the most famous hair styles for women all over the world, both young and old women are embracing the bob haircut more and more lately.

Over the years the bob hairstyle has always been the go to hairstyle for maturing older woman but the trend is changing slowly as more and more younger women are trying out the bob haircut.

This means the youth are trying out and experimenting various new styles and hair colours. One great hairstyle which is an alternation of the classic bob hairstyle is the angled Bob haircut.

As the name suggests the angled Bob hairstyle is a type of bob haircut which is angled from front to back giving it a nice steep slope look.

The great thing about this style is that it suits every type of hair whether it be straight, curly or wavy. We’ve showcased some of the styles in this post today. And although a lot of bob haircuts are usually for straight hair, we assure the styles work equally well for curly and wavy hair types. And in this case, we are here to tell you to that angled bobs handle all hair textures very well.

Due to the very nature of the haircut, the hair looks very different from the back as it does on the front, and from the side. Giving it up very multidimensional and varied look.

This makes the angled bob a great contender for a good short hairstyle for women and now that the summertime is almost here, this can make a great hairstyle for a lot of women.

Another great caveat of the angled Bob hairstyle is that it is a very easy to create and easy to maintain hairstyle.

Once you step out of the salon and get this cut, you are not going to require much product or much styling to keep this hairstyle in place for months to follow.

While this makes it for a great hairstyle for those looking for low maintenance cuts it also is an extremely stylish and an extremely hot haircut for women looking to up their style quotient. Or find just the right new hairstyle to wear in professional contexts.

Generally the angled Bob is cut just below the hairline of the neck/nape and is angled towards the front with the hair ending just below the jaw or just touching the shoulders.

We’ve added a few more bonus styles and cuts below. We hope we’ve convinced you that the angled bob haircut is a great choice for your next hairdo. Hope you enjoyed this list too.

We hope you enjoyed the list we put together for you and picked up some interesting new styles and ideas for your new short hairstyles.

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