25 Cool Afro Hairstyles for Black Men

Afro hairstyles are a signature black hair style for both African American men and women since the past few centuries but since time immemorial have been wrongly associated with negative stereotypes.

The Afro hairstyle is a natural hairstyle for African Americans in which the hair is allowed to grow wild although using the word wild would be a disrespectful comment against the beautiful nature of the natural black hair.

A better way to put it would be thick black hair is very hard to control, the Afro provides it the freedom to let it grow & be as it wants to be.
There are different African American hair types which include curly hair, kinky hair, curly hair and everything in between.
The Afro hairstyle has been associated with looking lazy or an camp but this can’t be any more farther from the truth because natural hair can look very handsome and very good looking if worn properly.
Not all afros are similar however, there are different length, different hair types and different styles to wear an afro. Men need to know that there are three different types of black hair namely kinky, coily and curly hair type and based on this, your afro will vary a lot.
Many iconic black personalities over the years have worn afro hair and it is now recognized as a part of the personalities and you too as a black man should not be embarrassed or deter away from wearing your natural Afro hair. It is a good idea to find celebs who have the same hair type as you and mimic their hairstyle.
 Due to black hair being too tough and stubborn to handle, black men have always felt out of options when it comes to choosing hair styles.
Over the years the afro hairstyle has evolved into many new styles and many new patterns. We will take a look at some of the various styles and patterns to wear an afro hair style below. 



As we can see the afro hair style has evolved into something much more than just a hairstyle for black men. The Afro has evolved into flat top hair, short and long styles, turned into a bangs hairstyle and much much more. So we hope you enjoyed this list of black hair styles for the African American men that we put together and don’t forget to proudly flaunt that afro.
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