25 Stunning Adriana Lima’s Hairstyles

We all know that Adriana’s beauty extends beyond her face and her hair is just another feature to envy. 

The hair that frames the Victoria secret model’s face is quite simply a work of art and holds a high level of importance in her career. 
Adriana is often photographed with her iconic middle parting and long dark-haired style which is quite simply flawless. 
Commonly when working with a classic long hair cut can be difficult, especially when taming and keeping the hair in an impeccable condition. 
However, Adriana seems to do this with ease as her luscious locks that cast a silky silhouette around her face always seems to be in pristine condition.

Despite currently having the classic middle parting, Adriana has also been known to embrace a full fringe. 

Which again was executed to perfection and always upheld a flawless appearance. 
Nonetheless, her current sultry middle parting with a shoulder length cut definitely emphasizes her beauty and retains a simplistic yet sexy hair style that could never be outdated.

Does Adriana need to change her hair cut to keep up with the latest style trends?

Unlike many celebrities who constantly change their hair style Adriana has stayed true to this classic look and modeled herself around it, enabling it to be a staple in her overall look.

As well as the fact the nature of this timeless hair cut enables an everlasting feel with little need for change. 
Therefore, the hairstyle will forever give beauty to those that wear the look as long as it is maintained. 
Despite Adriana giving the illusion that this is a simple style it should never be disregarded as basic as the subtle beauty of this look does not need to be overpower to be striking.

The look is very versatile and minor changes to the style can completely change the look with the same structure of the middle parting. Hence, using a middle parting as the structure to the style the rest can flow naturally.

How to obtain such locks?
A remedy that she swears by is flax seed oil and is her secret weapon to ensure that your hair grows faster and remains healthy. 

Another tactic that she adopts to keep her hair frizz free and radiant is a Brazilian blowout. Due to her Brazilian heritage she is often known every few months to give her hair an overall treatment by undertaking a Brazilian blowout. 
This is a simple treatment to tame curly/frizzy and promote a straight, glowing appearance. Other aspects of her hair regime that is not often mentioned is the lack of washing. 
That is right reducing the amount of times that you wash your hair could be the key for glamorous, silky smooth hair. 
This is dependent on how oily your hair composition is, however, could be the solution for you to preserve your hairs natural oils; producing a healthy enriched look and feel.
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