30 Elegant 5 Strand Braid Hairstyles

The five strand braid is an exquisite and interesting hairstyle which is very intricate looking and very beautiful. At the same time it is not an easy to master hairstyle but once you get it right it will look really beautiful.

No matter what event you go to there will always be women wearing updo hairstyles, or braids or bangs.

But the number of women wearing a five strand braid hairstyle will be quite quite low. Making you stand out in a good way.

This is a good progression for those who have learned how to make a three strand braid or a four strand braid. Albeit with one difference, it is very hard to keep this braid tight and in place

There are different variations of the five strand braid like the side braid,french five strand braid on the Dutch five strand braid and we will be looking at these tiles in just a moment.

Don’t be disheartened by the difficulty of this hairstyle. It will be well worth  learning it because there are very few hairstyles that look ask classy as beautiful as elegant as this one.

The Dutch 5 strand braid looks really good on a number of different hair colours hair styles and hair lengths. You can wear it side ways, in an up style, or with different types of accessories.

The five strand braid really brings out the texture and the colour of your hair. You can also incorporate the five strand braid with many different hairstyles like the side bun, the crown braid, the half up half down hairstyles, coloured hair styles etc

We will look at some of the interesting 5 strand braid hairstyles that we have found and handpicked for you on the Internet below.

We hope you enjoyed this list and picked up some interesting new styles for yourself and if you’re at beginning find the cell style very difficult don’t get dishearnterened and the stick through it and eventually it will be one of the best kills you picked up over the years

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