41 Latest Ash Blonde Hair Colour Shades & Styles

If you try & count out the number of blonde hair styles or shades on a hair color chart, you will need an entire day because if not a few thousand, there are dozens & dozens of blonde hair colour shades.

But let’s be honest, a lot of the blonde hair shades can be grouped into few major shades. Few of the more prominent shades that can be well recognized and are well-known.

One such common well known shade of blonde hair colour is the Ash blonde hair colour shade. The Ash blonde hair colour is a shade of light blonde hair that’s right between platinum blonde hair and your regular blonde hair colour.

The Ash blonde hair colour is such that it is not too light to be group into the platinum blonde hair shade but at the same time it has this peculiar dirty, dusky look; one that resembles the ash colour, preventing it from being grouped into the regular blonde hair colour shade.

Although having that said that, there are still a lot of different variations within the ash blonde hair colour itself. There are lighter and darker hues of ash blonde hair. And various different combination & permutations to team it up with other hair colour shades.

Well done Ash blonde hair is sure to garner a lot of attention and appreciation from your friends and acquaintances.

There various tones of ash blonde hair include light ash blonde hair, medium, natural, dirty, and dark.

Due to the ash colour this hair colour is relatively low maintenance compared to the other shades of blonde.

Also at the same time it is easy to inculcate it into various hairstyles. Whether your hair be short, wavy, curly, long or any other type, the Ash blonde colour will go well with it. 

Ash blonde is also a common choice for two toned hairstyles or ombre hairstyles.

While at the same time getting a nice ash blonde shade for your short hairstyle will make you look like a Rockstar. This is not push away ladies with long hair styles though. Ash blonde hair looks just as good on long hair.

Below we will look at some of the most common and some of the most beautiful shades & styles we could find on the Internet.

We hope you seasoned veterans who have colored their hair plenty of times before, picked up some interesting news shades and styles from this list. While at the same moment, those coloring their hair for the first time, hope you are got to learn more a new shade of blonde. 

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