18 Interesting French Knot Hairstyles

French knots and french twists are two great styles for long hair. These are a very elegant style of that are perfect for special occasions like weddings & proms. 

Often a go to choice for celebs and models on the red carpets & ramp, these look just as low effort as they are artistic. 

Atlhough french knots can look intimidating, you can style these within 15-20 minutes

However, there are many styles & variations to this simple style. Yes, you’ve always thought that french hairdos lack options but it isn’t so. With some creativity, you can try lot of different variations of this style. Below we have presented few of the common variations of the french knot hairstyle.

Half down french knot: A nice variation to both half up half down hairstyles & the classic french knot style. 

Elaborate french twist updo

 French knot of straight blonde hair

Wedding french knot hair: A good style for black hair as it makes a good contrast with the accessory clipped. A nice style for weddings & proms.

Cute french knot with a bow: Simply gorgeous!

Regular french knot: A great style which looks just as good for casual occasions as it does for parties and events

Braided french knot: A braided updo turned into a french knot hairstyle

Tight woven french knot for light blonde hair

Short french knot bun

Variation of the regular french knot: A french knot designed by taking in the tresses from both sides in together

French knot with large flowers woven in

French knot top bun

 Beautiful elegant french knot for brown hair

 We hope you enjoyed the list and got to learn more about this interesting and less known style.

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