41 Pretty chocolate blonde hair color shades

Out of the hundreds of different shades of blonde hair color, chocolate blonde is one such shade of blonde that stand outs due to it’s ability to suit a variety of different skin tones and for the various options it provides right from ombres to highlights and many more

Even within chocolate blonde hair color, there are a palette of different shades ranging from light & dark chocolate blondes, caramel hues, to ones with a more reddish tint.

The best shade to describe chocolate blonde would be a middle ground between blonde and brown but with a strong tint of a chocolatey color.

Chocolate brown hair colors are just as beautiful as ravishing as the different types of real chocolates exist.

Chocolate colored highlights are also often a common choice  for those not willing to take a full fledged dive of coloring their hair completely dark.

There exists both light and dark shades of chocolate blonde. The light shades resemble a more dirty blonde/golden blonde hue. Whereas the darker shade resemble a more brownish/auburn hue.

One of the great factors about chocolate blonde hair is that it suits a variety of different skin tone and hairstyles.

Irrespective of whether you have a dark skin or light, short hair or long, these interesting shades of blonde will help bring out their personality.

If you are getting chocolaty blonde hair, it is recommended you stick to two tones and not add too many colors at once, since it can get a bit overwhelming.

We have added a few more shades and styles of chocolate blonde hair which we hope you enjoy

Medium brown hair with streaks of lighter blonde highlighted in between

Light chocolate brown hair

Chocolate brown highlights for blonde hair

Another silky highlight with a chocolate shade for otherwise blonde straight hair

With gray highlights

Suits a variety of different styles

Make for a great highlighting shade to avoid the full blonde look. Adds much more personality to your hair

Caramel blonde and chocolaty hair color

Often seen being worn by celebs

Ash blonde and chocolate blonde go well together.

A couple more darker and uniform shades of chocolate blonde

Reddish tint to a light blonde ombre

With a more strawberry blonde undertone

Sarah Parker with some beautiful long brown tresses

Simple and with an ombre

Transitions into ombres so well

With some silky smooth texture and shine

Glorious chocolate brown hair worn by Asian girl

Looks really good on straight hair

A couple of curly wavy hairstyles

A few more bonus shades and styles

We hope you enjoyed the list and got to pick a few interesting new shades for your hair.