79 Stunning Waterfall Braids Hairstyles for Women To Wear

Waterfall braids are a beautiful variation of braids that are perfect for fancy occasions like weddings and proms.

Waterfall braids are so beautiful they are guaranteed to make heads turn anywhere you go. There are so many different styles within waterfall braids themselves, that you will never run out of options and your braids will look different than everyone else at the venue.

Waterfall braids can be styled in ample of variations like fistails braids, curly hair, long hair, short hair, waves, side braids etc. With so many styles and variations of the waterfall hair, one can get caught up in analysis paralysis but rest assured, they are a pretty easy hairstyle to master.

Waterfall braids are also a great hairstyle for colored hair whether it be pastel shades or ombres. Waterfall braids give a nice transition effect to your colored hair.

Your can wear your waterfall hair loose or tight. Side braided water hair are a great variation to regular waterfall braids. You can play around with different styles of braids and lengths and texture for different hairstyles.

Makes for a perfect hairstyle for wedding and proms where you can even accessorize it further with hair jewelry and ornaments to look like a belle of the ball.

As effective simple as complex. A great choice for simple braids once you master the style.

Waterfall braids go well with updos, bobs and short hair too. Many times women with short hair feel out of options when it comes to braids but waterfall braids suit short hair well too and make for a very cute look.

Below are some waterfall braids hairstyles we’ve handpicked for you

This is a very beautiful waterfall braid style for colored hair which ends up in a low bun. Simply jaw dropping,

You can braid your hair into multiple braids and multiple strands with this style. Heres a beautiful style ending in a braided pony.

You can let you hair fall into beautiful waterfall waves or just braid it like below.

There are many variations to waterfall braids like we said. Dutch braids and french braids are commonly chosen to go together with waterfall braids.

We’ve included a fair amount of tutorials for you to get started with waterfall braids. More to follow below

Often a go to choice for celebs and models on the red carpet and page 3 events.

A very cute hairstyle for young girls and teens as well

Works just as well for black hair as it does for shades of blonde hair

A couple more tutorials to help you get started

You can always use it for simple straight hair as well.

You can also wear it casually to the gym or college. Don’t keep it restricted just to fancy events

Side swept waterfall braids are one of the most common styles of waterfall braids. And since you can see them from front, they add so much to your overall look

Classic waterfall braid for curly hair

Angled waterfall braids are another variation.

You can go as fancy as your imagination allows you to go.

Cute waterfall braid style for hair ending just above shoulder

We hope you enjoyed the waterfall braids list and that it was sufficient inspiration for newbies and experts alike. 

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