List of James Bond Haircuts & Hairstyles

The James Bond character is one of the most iconic male cinema characters in the last 100 years.

James Bond has always been the reference standard for masculinity, charm and style. A mysterious and dangerous man with the style and fashion sense to put any other man to shame.

At one moment, he could be sippin’ a martini at a casino and the next dodging bullets in a car chase. But something that never changed over the last 50 years is that James Bond has always been a symbol of class and excellent style.

So the directors always made sure to cast a man that could perfectly fit the role of James Bond too. From Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton to the more recent Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig, only the most handsome of the men have been chosen to pull of the James Bond character.

The James bond hairstyle plays a interest part of the James Bond attire. It needs to be just as classy as it is masculine. The James Bond haircut is a good choice for a lot of men to model their own hairstyle.

Below are some of the classic James Bond hairstyles over the years

Daniel Craig pulls of the short masculine haircut really nicely. Consider he has a receding hairline, this short style suits him impeccably well. This is a good choice for all those men who have a receding hairline or a bigger forehead.

Roger Moore would be considered one of, if not the most stylish Bond character of all time. His natural good looks coupled with his awe inspiring personal style makes for a great look. He sported a longer medium length hair and is a great style for those men who don’t have perfectly straight hair.

Another classic and probably the most well known James Bond character of all time would be Pierce Brosnan. Peirce Brosnan is a very stylish outside of his Bond character too but in the James Bond look, his charm just gets multiplied. He sports really handsome medium hair that is hard not to admire.
Last but not the least another James Bond character worthy of mentioning in the list for his superior looks, style and charisma would be Timothy Dalton. He had the perfect one sided hair coupled with his mysterious eyes and dashing smart looks to make him look so good.
All in all these are some great short hairstyles for young men to choose from and we hope you enjoyed the list!

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