25 Quinceanera Hairstyles for Girls

Quinceanera is a spanish celebration for a girls 15th birthday. It is a traditional coming-to-age celebration and is regarded as a rites of passage. It is often celebrated grandly and marks and important milestone in a girl’s life.

It is often celebrated similar to a wedding with lots of guests, music, food and some classic mariachi music. A celebration like this deserves nothing less than a beautiful elegant hairstyle so as to make you look the most beautiful girl at the ceremony. It also needs to go with that beautiful dress you’d be wearing.

All eyes are on you and you cannot afford to look anything less than breathtaking. Your regular hairstyle you wear to school simply doesn’t make the cut.

Tradionally the spanish having been choosing curly and fancy hairstyles with beautiful accessories, tiaras, powerful makeup and bright dresses their go to choice for Quinceanera. Below are some fabulous, fancy and beautiful Quinceanera hairstyles for you to choose from.

1. Fancy updo bun

2. Flower headbands with wavy hair

3. Curled updo with tiaras make a classic quinceanera hairstyle

4. Long curls with a tiara

5. Classic spanish updo hair with flower for quinceanera 

6. Simple half up half down hairstyle

7. Fancy half up half down wavy hair

8. Brown hair with tiara and veil

9. Traditional quinceanera style

10. Neat quinceanera hairstyle with big long curls and a tiara

11. Elegant and beautiful updos for your quinceanera ceremony

12. Simple yet beautiful hairstyle for straight hair

13. Quirky and unique curls updo

14. Down hairstyle with tiara

15. Braided fishtail and flower hairstyle

16. Different way to style half up half down hair

17. Waterfall braided hair

18. Traditional classic quinceanera hair

19. A bridal style you can comfortably wear for your quinceanera

20. Tight braided updo with flower accessories

21. Fancy quinceanera hairstyle and make up

22. There is such a variety of hairstyles for you to choose from!

23. Messy curly half up hair with tiara

24. Updo low hanging bun

25. Beautiful big updo

Hope you enjoyed the list and picked some interesting styles for your Quinceanera!

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