48 Latest & Best Prom Hairstyles 2017

With a new year, comes a event youngsters equally dread and look forward to: The prom. After the hullabaloo around getting a date fades away, comes the actual daunting task of dressing up and styling for the prom.
2017 calls for the freshest and the most gorgeous prom hairstyles. Styles that were in trend 5 years ago, no longer make the cut. Below are few of the freshest, latest prom hairstyles for 2017.
Updos for Prom hairstyles
Updos have always been one of the best hairstyles for prom. A good way to jazz it up further is by adding nice accessories to it like below. You can add everything from jewellery to bows, flowers and ribbons. But even without the additional accessories, the updo is fancy enough by itself to stand out as a fantastic style and goes well with most prom dresses.

Braided Hairstyles for Prom

Thick braided hairstyles make for a good prom look and go well with dresses. They require some amount of work and effort to get right and hence are not as common as the other styles. Thick big braids especially can make you look like the Queen of the ball. There are plenty of braided hairstyles right from the simple big braids to ones like fishtail braids and half down braided hairstyles that are well suited for proms.

Low Hanging Buns for Prom

While it’s counterpart, the regular bun, is an easy hairstyle that a lot of women wear to work or just to tie up their hair at home, the low hanging bun is actually a fantastic variation of the same hairstyle but one which looks way more elegant. For example, the kind of beautiful and elegant braided updo below will just turn everyone’s heads. You can pair a low hanging bun with an updo, braided hairstyles or half down hairstyles to create some stunning looks.

The amount of permutations and combinations you can try out with prom hairstyles is simply infinite to be covered here. We’ve added a ton of more styles below to spark your imaginations

A interesting braided up hairstyle that will definitely make you stand out from the rest

Few beautiful side braided prom hairstyles

 Waterfall braids and hairstyles are a great choice for prom too

Braided updo bun for dark black hair

Low hanging loose bun

Interesting way to style short hair

Simple in the front and a cute updo at the back

Braided updo for short hair

Waterfall ends

Medium length curled up hair

A distinctive updo style for blonde hair

Young girl wearing waterfall ombre hair

Curls are definitely the way to go for proms

You can always style up your waterfall hair with accessories

Glamorous half up half down hairstyles


Different style you can braid your waterfall hair

Curly updo loose low hanging bun

Don’t feel nervous to experiment with some accessories

4 strand braid side updo

Simple side hairstyle for those not looking to stylize too much

Braided ponytails are a good choice too. Here’s one for pitch black hair

A very unique side braided long hair

Steal a little inspiration from models and celebs

Thick low updo bun for black hair

A more vintage curled up side hair look

Long wavy curly to make your hair look more natural

A genius braided updo hairstyle

Interesting interlooped updo hairstyle

Beautiful half updo hairstyle

Get this braided hairstyle mohawk and you will surely turn heads at prom. Guaranteed.

Here’s another unique and fancy braided updo like never seen before for your prom

Long wavy waterfall style hairstyle

Some celebrity inspiration for your prom hairstyle

Side braided hairstyle to give the shaved side look



Side waterfall braid hairstyle

Classic waterfall hairstyle

We hope you enjoyed the list of prom hairstyles 2017. And we hope you have a rocking good prom. Good luck!

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